Dubai residents celebrate Eid Al Fitr in new, innovative ways, ensuring their commitment to directives that encourage social separation and staying at home for their own safety. The Dubai Festival and Retail Foundation highlights the following ways on the best ways to enable family members to enjoy the atmosphere of Eid and communicate without leaving home:

«Direct from Dubai»

In view of the great success achieved by the "Mubasher from Dubai" program during the holy month of Ramadan, the "Dubai Events Schedule" announced the extension of the event program to provide entertainment sessions during the Eid Al Fitr holiday. The program includes many activities and interactive sessions, provided by a group of the best talents in Dubai from the world of fitness, cooking, dance, arts and culture, and many others. This initiative aims to entertain family members and give them interactive activities to learn new skills while they are at home. Details of the program will be revealed on the "Instagram Events Schedule" page on "Instagram", and the program is expected to include the participation of chefs, musicians, fitness trainers and experts in crafts.

Pearl FM

Pearl FM is introducing a new series for Eid, which will be broadcast every day from Sunday to next Saturday, via its page on "Instagram". This series includes a group of shows that suit children of different age groups, where they can explore the world of books with "our holiday", participate in games with Ramzi Khalifa, and discover some tricks with "Magic Vail", to enjoy their time during the Eid vacation.

«Civilizational Communication»

The Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Center for Cultural Communication aims to build bridges of cooperation and rapprochement between different societies. During the festival, the center will broadcast three sessions directly through its page on "Instagram" with the participation of cultural experts. Abdullah Al Serkal, Director of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Center for Civilization Communication will host a special seminar to talk about the true essence of the feast during the first days of the feast, while Ahmed Al Jaflah, Director of the Protocol at the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Center for Cultural Communication, will talk about Eid Al Fitr in history And how the people of the region celebrated this occasion in different eras. And on Tuesday, the last day of the holiday, entrepreneur Mohamed Kazem, co-founder of the local high-end shoe brand "Tamashi", talks about reviving the customs and traditions of the holiday and its role in inspiring the city's residents.

Ali and Mina

The famous comedian duo Ali Al-Sayed and Mina Leishioni will present a live show through the "Debomedi" page on "Facebook", today, and the show will witness the participation of a number of guests and musicians, interspersed with comedic atmosphere, acrobatic performances and many surprises. Guests of all age groups can attend this offer, but they must book in advance to ensure a virtual seat.

Vir das at home

The famous Indian comedian, Veer Das, performs a special comedy show from his home on May 28, in front of a large audience who will follow him from behind the computers and phone screens. The Ha Ha Habibi show, to entertain the UAE residents, comes in light of their commitment to work from home and away from the content of traditional TV.

Interactive activities and sessions presented by the best talents in the world of fitness, cooking, dancing and the arts.

Explore books with "Our Holiday", play games with Ramzi Khalife, and discover tricks with "Magic Elephant".

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