China News Network, Chengdu, May 23 (Wang Peng) Recently, "the old man in a small square in Shunhe Street, Huayang, Chengdu, who stumbled on a child playing in the square while dancing a dam" attracted attention on the Internet. The community of Banbian Street, Huayang Street, Tianfu New District, Chengdu reported on the evening of the 22nd that the elderly involved entrusted their son and daughter to apologize to the parents of the children on the 22nd.

The picture shows a screenshot of a network video. Source: Network

  According to the report, it is understood that at 19 o'clock on April 24, 2020, Dumou (female, 79 years old) will play a scooter for Zheng Mou (male , 5 years old) tripped. When Zheng Mou's grandfather and grandmother found that Zheng Mou had fallen, they approached him and found that Zheng was not injured and continued to accompany him. On May 22, Dumou entrusted his son and daughter to apologize in person to Zheng ’s parents, and Zheng ’s parents expressed their understanding.

  Video footage circulating on the Internet shows that a group of elderly people were dancing square dances, and three skateboarding children walked through the crowd. The frontmost child was deliberately tripped over by an old man, and the child immediately fell to the ground with his face. (Finish)