Approximately 700 people, including nurses, reinstated. Shortage of manpower in new Corona 10:34 on May 23.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the Japan Nursing Association requested that retired nurses, etc., return to work. By the 18th of this month, approximately 700 people had returned to work.

The Nursing Association of Japan was concerned about the shortage of human resources such as nurses due to the spread of the new coronavirus, so on the 8th of the month following the government's declaration of an emergency, the nurses, associate nurses, and public health nurses who left I sent an e-mail requesting that I return to about 50,000 people.

As a result, by the 18th of this month, about 60% of the 1,100 job offers received from hospitals and social welfare facilities, or 696, were reinstated.

Those who have returned to work are supposed to check whether the person visiting the hospital has a fever, and to perform health management, infection control, etc. at the accommodation facility for people with mild illness.

The Nursing Association of Japan is concerned that the second and third wave of the new coronavirus epidemic may be a concern, and we will continue to match the nursing staff who seek reinstatement with the workplace and before returning to work so that those who have reinstated can work with peace of mind We would like to enhance our training.