(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) All asymptomatic infections in Chengdu have been released from isolation

  China News Network, Chengdu, May 23 (Wang Peng) According to the Chengdu Municipal Health and Welfare Committee on the 23rd, Chengdu has no new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia on the 22nd, no new asymptomatic infections, and one asymptomatic infection was lifted Focus on isolation of medical observations. At this point, all asymptomatic infections in Chengdu have been lifted from centralized quarantine medical observation.

  The data shows that as of 24:00 on May 22, Chengdu has reported 168 confirmed cases, with a total of 163 discharged and 3 dead. The remaining 2 imported confirmed cases are being isolated for treatment in designated hospitals.

  In addition, according to the announcement of the Sichuan Provincial Health Commission on the evening of the 22nd, on May 21, two new confirmed cases of new pneumonia in Sichuan were imported from the Philippines. The two confirmed cases were 157 passengers on the same plane, of which 26 were identified as close contacts At present, isolated medical observations are conducted at centralized isolated observation points. The rest of the passengers concentrated their medical observations in designated hotels.

  At present, a total of 39 close contacts in Chengdu are undergoing centralized isolation medical observation. (Finish)