[Commentary] Sajie Bujia is a fat guy from Lanzhou, Gansu. Affected by the "house" life during the epidemic, his weight increased from 460 kg to 520 kg. Recently, he came to a weight loss base in Changchun, Jilin for weight loss training, hoping to be able to lose weight to about 200 pounds, and then return home to horseback riding in the grasslands.

  On May 23, when the reporter saw Sogebga, he was doing physical training. Sajebga told reporters that his body was like this since he was a child, and he did not pay too much attention and restraint.

  Sajebga, who is engaged in mobile phone sales, usually does not have much activity, so his weight has been "steadily increasing". It was not until he seriously affected his work and life that he planned his diet sparingly.

  [Same period] (Sweep Jebga) The counter is in such a small room, there is no activity place if you want to go, you can sit there for one day without sitting up.

  [Commentary] After the outbreak of New Coronary Pneumonia, Sajebga closed the shop and started the "home life" at home. He recalled that the amount of activity at home was almost zero, so the weight growth rate was also faster than in the past, so fast that he could obviously feel it.

  [Same period] (Shujabga) The increase in ground speed is mainly due to the fact that walking is more strenuous than before. I used to think that it was not so strenuous to walk a certain distance before, and then I want to go out after a period of time during the epidemic.

  [Commentary] The weight gain of 60 kg in 5 months makes Sajiebuji feel difficult to travel. He made up his mind to lose weight, and his ideal weight of 1.79 meters was 200 pounds.

  He said that as a Northwestern man, he must ride freely on the grassland. But because of his weight, he has not been riding a horse for 10 years. Therefore, after successful weight loss, he must return to his hometown to ride a horse and enjoy the feeling of freedom.

  [Same period] (Saw Jebga) Horse riding and the like are definitely my favorite, but I have n’t ridden a horse for a long time now, but after I have finished reducing them, these are the things I want to do most.

  Reporter Lu Shengnan from Changchun

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]