“Energize with curry” Support for children absent from school Saitama Kumagaya May 23, 15:46

While the school was temporarily closed due to the spread of the new coronavirus, a restaurant in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture, served curry and rice to local junior high school students free of charge in order to support children's meals.

This initiative was planned by a restaurant in Kumagaya City to support and cheer up the children's meals that have been temporarily closed.

A temporary tent was set up in the parking lot of a restaurant in the city, and about 200 meals of curry and rice using rice and vegetables provided by local farmers etc., along with milk that was planned to be used for lunch, It was distributed to junior high school students for free.

Middle school students visited the venue one after another from noon, and when they were asked by volunteers, “Please do your best,” he received curry rice with a happy expression.

A boy student in the 1st grade of junior high school who visited, said, "I am grateful to have curry rice. It is difficult because I can only go out occasionally, but I want to eat curry and study hard."

Mr. Makoto Horikoshi, who runs the planned restaurant, said, “We worked together as a team to provide and distribute foodstuffs for everyone in the community. After eating curry and becoming energetic, when school was restarted I want you to do your best in this activity. "