If you go out on the weekend (23rd), it is better to wear lightly.

Seoul's daytime temperature will be 25 degrees and Daegu's 27 degrees will be higher than yesterday. In other regions except the East Coast, the daytime temperature will heat up to around 25 degrees in early summer.

Tomorrow, which is Sunday, will be a little cool again because it contains rain forecasts.

I will go about 5 ~ 30mm in the middle of Central and Honam and Gyeongbuk. It doesn't have long duration, but it can be tumbling.

This is a satellite image. Clouds are passing through the central region. In the south, the sky is mostly clear.

There is still some mist on the ground, so there is a place where the field of view can be blurred.

While the maximum daytime temperature rises to 25 degrees in Seoul and 26 degrees in Daejeon, the east coast region affected by the east wind will be relatively cool.

On Sunday, tomorrow, the temperature will drop as it rains.

(Ahyangbin Meteorological Caster)