Corona took a lot of hard work in Korea at once. Dark sadness has been pushed along with the sense of collapse and loss that is difficult to express in words. When I felt infinitely helpless and shabby before this unavoidable reality, my parents' words passed by.

"Emil, if it's hard, you can be sad enough, you can tell someone else about your hard heart and get help."

I had a brain tumor when I was 14 years old, and at the age of 18 I was diagnosed with cancer and had a long, dark time as I started fighting. During my long struggle, my family used to talk frequently on the topic of 'sadness and depression'. My parents always said to me when I was sick. If it's hard, you can feel sad enough. Koreans don't know if it's good news, but I think it's worrying to tell bad friends about it. Even though it seems to be doing well, I saw a lot of friends from behind alone who endured the pain.

Corona, and loss and frustration. I thought it was okay for me to be the one who really took care of me, so I shouldn't try to turn away. I accepted my feelings as they are. I was very embarrassed and regretful about this sudden situation, regardless of my fault, but as I taught my parents, I shared my anxiety and troubles with my wife, parents and close friends. I needed someone to cry with me. And I thought I didn't have to overcome everything alone.

We cannot live alone, nor need we live alone. 'Hahahoho' Even though everyone seems to be living well, there are no people without a story. How many of you know that there are more people than you think I want to be my strength, as well as those who need me? To get each other up, you have to peel off the hard shell from me.

It is healthy to acknowledge your upset heart and vomit freely. If you pour out as much as you can instead of concealing the hardships and turning away, confidence hooks up as if you were. We are not crying because we are weak. No, weak is not bad. This is the 'Danish way of thinking' that the Danish people, especially my family, always have in their daily lives. I am living in Korea, and I am still living the wisdom of life.

Careful consideration of others does not hide my sorrow, so I hope to open up my mind and share experiences that help each other. In order not to lose hope, I need to comfort myself enough and receive comfort from someone. If we take the time to realize the people who value me, our relationship will become stronger. Then I find myself flying again as if it was hard.

Don't hug yourself and get sick. There are family and friends who accept and embrace me as I am comfortable without judging whatever I say. If you share the problem without taking the problem alone, the problem will not be a problem.

"It's okay to confess and grieve as much as you can. You're not alone."

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