"Hikonyan" appeared for the first time in 3 months. 50m away from corona infection prevention at 23:34 on May 23.

In Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture, the national treasure Hikone Castle was reopened on the 23rd, and the city's popular character, Hikonya, also appeared for the first time in about three months.

Hikone Castle, a national treasure, was suspended from March 5 due to the effect of the new coronavirus, but from March 23, it was resumed except for some buildings such as the castle tower.

In the castle garden, the city's popular character "Hikonya" appeared for the first time in about three months and interacted with the visitors.

In order to prevent infection, the hikonyan was placed 50 meters away from the pond, but the visitors took pictures of the hikonyan and waved their hands while keeping a distance from each other. I was enjoying it.

A man in his 50s in Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture said, "I was so happy because I wanted to see him. I felt happy when I met Hikonyan."

According to Hikone City, Hikonyan has been used to shopping streets in the city until now, but in order to prevent people from getting crowded, it will only appear in the castle garden for a while.

For the time being, the city is calling for refraining from visiting from outside the prefecture.