Former Democratic Party congressman Jim Moran said that US President Donald Trump offered an unusual "exemption" to Saudi Arabia, bypassing the restrictions imposed by Congress on the sale of arms to the kingdom, which imposes a special investigation by the Inspector General of the State Department, who was fired by Trump About to perform his assigned task.

Moran added - during his statements for the (22/5/2020) episode of "From Washington" - that this file is extremely dangerous; To the point that the president's loss imposed part of the Senate's support, he expected that this would erode his chances in the upcoming presidential elections, because he needed to form a united front with all the Republicans.

For his part, former Republican congressman Jack Kingston emphasized that all relations are always subject to reassessment, and that American presidents - whether they are Democrats or Republicans - have a special interest and appreciation for friendship with Saudi Arabia, as a "great ally" in a strategic part of the world And that the American-American difference is permissible in files such as the sale of weapons, but on the other hand, everyone wants to advance the relationship between the two countries.

He added that the upcoming presidential elections this year cannot be predicted by the intention of the voters ’intentions from now on, especially in those" swinging "states - such as Florida and Michigan - that can decide the outcome of the race.