Unnecessary school lunch rice brought to the university at school closure Support for students in need with the new corona May 22 13:59

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, because of the inability to work part-time, etc., in order to support students who are in financial distress, rice for lunch that is not used at temporary temporary closure of elementary and junior high schools was given to Tokyo University on the 22nd. It was.

This activity was conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan School Luncheon, a public interest incorporated foundation, and trucks loaded with ingredients arrived on the campus of Tokyo Metropolitan University in Hachioji, Tokyo on the morning of the 22nd.

What was given to the university was food for lunch that was not used during temporary school closures at elementary and junior high schools. A bag of about 2.5 kg of rice, about 600 bags, and a bag of 2 kg of 530 soft flour.

At Tokyo Metropolitan University, because of the influence of the new coronavirus, part-time jobs are not possible and parents' incomes are decreasing, so the number of consultations about tuition reduction and scholarships is increasing from students who are financially distressed. .

The university is taking measures such as extending the period for accepting tuition reductions and exemptions. This time, the foodstuffs given will be distributed to the desired students.

Toshihisa Shimizu, Vice President of Tokyo Metropolitan University, said, “I am grateful that there are students in various economic situations. I want them to eat well and maintain good physical and mental health.”

Akihiko Ito, President of the Tokyo School Luncheon, who gave us the ingredients, said, "I want you to have a bright college life with a strong sense of eating rice, the staple food, and not losing to corona."