Tokyo Metropolitan Government Corresponding roadmap for the future Corona 12:56 May 22

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will hold a new headquarters meeting for the new coronavirus from noon on the 22nd, and will provide a roadmap summarizing future responses, such as gradually relaxing requests such as suspension of work if the emergency declaration is lifted. It was

The roadmap will continue to request refraining from going out and taking leave while an emergency is declared, but if the declaration is lifted, it will be gradually eased, and the second wave of infection that is expected to occur in the future The prepared system is summarized.

During the Countermeasures Headquarters Meeting, Governor Koike said, "It is necessary to regain calm days as early as possible, to prevent infectious diseases and to achieve economic and social activities at the same time, and to realize a society in which a new everyday life has taken hold. Is changing from moment to moment, and we will flexibly operate our roadmap. "