The Emirati artist, Saeed Salem, considered that the advancement of the state of local drama, and its presentation of a realistic image of society, are mainly located on the managers of Emirati channels, especially with the entry of a new stage in the life of the UAE, and preparing for the next 50 years, indicating that the art scene is full of talents, Which can complete the honorable journey.

Salem does not hide his happiness with the positive reactions that were received by the character of "Bin Tartous" in the new heritage comedy "Bint Soghan", thanks to its contentious details and its attributes that are woven in the novelty, while rejecting its comparison with the character "Salboukh", which he presented in the series "Al Tawash". " last year.

Salem said, in his interview with «Emirates Today»: «(Bin Tartoush) does not resemble any comic or dramatic character that I have previously presented, whether on stage or on TV, as it is unique not only because it is so timidly stingy, but because it is capable of The fabrication of quarrelsome and quarrelsome problems for the simplest reasons, unlike (Salboukh), who was looking for justifications for her actions, and moved from one place to another the company of the working family, mostly in the field of folklore.

He noted the value of this new drama experience, and the personality of the comedian miser, which was not presented to this day after the departure of the artist Sultan Al-Shaer, adding: “I think this is the second time that the funny personality of the miser has been presented in Emirati dramas, and I really hope that I have succeeded in drawing Its features are shaped by the writer Jamal Salem, who is credited with his ability to draw characters and present them in line with the capabilities and capabilities of each actor on the screen.

Practical steps

Regarding his dealings with the young artistic faces in Bint Soghan, Salem stressed that "the presence of this number of young Emirati talents is a matter that counts for the creators of the work and motivates us to hope and optimism in the ability of local drama to present and offer more new technical experiences and promising talents in the future." As happens in the field of theater ».

He continued: «I am happy with this step that reminds me of what we are doing in Umm Al Quwain National Theater, which I have had the honor to head the Board of Directors for more than 40 years, and is always enthusiastic about his successful experiences in presenting young artistic faces, and pushing them towards prominence and continuing the path, just as I have accepted advice and advice and learned much 38 years ago, the first generation of Emirati art pioneers, the most prominent of whom are the late Saeed Al Nuaimi and Ahmed Manqoush, the new generation accepts advice and advice, because handing the flag and preparing future generations remains a constant message and commitment to the true artist ».

corporate responsibility

Despite the successes of many dramas, some still see its permanent return to heritage and its constant stakes in the style of comedy, a problem in which Emirati drama has been floating for decades, and a real impediment thus preventing its ability to sweep the Gulf markets, which was justified by the artist Saeed Salem, saying: «Emirati drama has presented to this day dozens of purposeful works, such as the series (Hayer Tayer), which frankly presented many problems and phenomena in the Emirati society, and boldly criticized the performance of some institutions, and pushed many local and federal officials to discuss The results of the episodes of this successful comedy work that contributed to raising the various issues in a transparent and frank manner. He added: «Artists and Emirati drama makers presented many works in a satirical comic format, as well as dozens of purposeful and dramatic heritage works. Since we are preparing for the next 50 years of the UAE’s life today, I believe that the responsibility now lies with the managers of Emirati TV channels, who are currently holding the decision of local dramatic production, to advance the state of Emirati drama and invite its creators to rise again, and provide a realistic picture of our diverse local community » .

Salem also continued: “As we have been able, during the past 50 years, to benefit from the expertise and Arab cadres in art and media, we can today complete our honorable artistic career with all Emirati capabilities and talents and Arab and foreign experiences, capable of enriching the artistic and dramatic scene of our beloved homeland.”

Ongoing support

Saeed Salem pointed to the unlimited support that creators and artists receive, especially the efforts of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, and his significant contributions to the establishment of the Sharjah Academy of Arts, and his sustained support to the Children's Theater, Youth Theater or Youth and the University Theater. He also continued: “As I value as a creator and artist in another context, the important step taken by the Ministry of Education in the field of integrating theater material into a basic subject, and attracting it to nearly 700 specialists in theater science and technology from Tunisia, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt and other Arab countries, along with festivals and activities Today, the UAE is making great strides in the field of artistic renaissance, and a project to establish an informed and educated theater audience.

Extraneous works

On the responsibility of art to provide social messages and meaningful content, Emirati artist Saeed Salem revealed his decision not to follow Turkish series, out of his lack of conviction in its level and dramatic contents that lack meaning and logic, adding: “Turkish series is a red line for me and the people of my home, but I nevertheless I cannot prevent everyone from following it, especially through the available digital means, which have also become a partner in exporting this kind of exotic business, which does not resemble our local and Arab environment in any way. ”

The Emirati drama presented dozens of purposeful works, such as: “Hayer Tayer,” which frankly posed several problems.

The presence of this large number of young Emirati talent, in the series "Bint Soghan", is a matter that counts for the creators of the work.

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