Mory Kante at the SACEM Grand Prix ceremony in 2017 - SADAKA EDMOND / SIPA

The world of African music is once again in mourning. After the disappearances of Manu Dibango and Tony Allen, Guinean singer and musician Mory Kanté died of a long illness this Friday at the age of 70 in a hospital in Conakry, said his son Balla Kanté to a correspondent for l 'AFP.

Mory Kanté died "around 9.45 this morning at the Sino-Guinean hospital," he said. "He suffered from chronic illnesses and often traveled to France for treatment, but with the coronavirus, this was no longer possible," he added. "We saw his condition deteriorate quickly, but I was still surprised because he had already gone through much worse times," he said.

Yéké Yéké and its millions of copies sold worldwide

Mory Kanté, nicknamed the "electric griot", helped popularize African and Guinean music around the world. Born on March 29, 1950 in an impressive family of 38 children in Guinea, Mory Kanté left for his aunt's in Bamako, Mali, to complete his education at the age of 7. First a student at the Bamako Institute of the Arts, he finally preferred music and joined the Bamako Super Rail Band in 1971. It is at this moment that the singer tries out different sounds.

In the 80s, he decided to leave for Paris and, after experiencing success on the African continent, he opened up to the world with his title Yéké Yéké , thanks to which he enjoyed worldwide success. In 1988, he received the Victoire de la musique for the best French-speaking album.

Alpha Condé, President of the Republic of Guinea, paid tribute to the artist via his Twitter account. “An exceptional course. Copy. Pride, ”he wrote on May 22.

# Mory_Kanté African culture is in mourning. My most sad condolences ...
Thank you the artist. An exceptional course. Copy. Pride.

- Alpha CONDÉ (@alphacondepresi) May 22, 2020

Other personalities such as the Senegalese singer Youssou N'Dour, the rapper Mokobé or the international footballer Djibril Cissé also paid tribute to him.

I have just learned with dismay the reminder to God of my older brother and reference Master Mory Kanté. I feel a huge void today with the departure of this baobab of African Culture. Rest in peace. From your afflicted Brother Youssou Ndour

- YOUSSOU NDOUR (@YoussouNdourSN) May 22, 2020

It is with sadness that I am announced the death of the legend of Uncle Mory Kanté peace in his soul that the earth is light he was one of the first artists to impose African music with yeke yeke thank you for your kindness your smile 🙏🏾

- #ONESTENSEMBLE (@ Mokobe113) May 22, 2020


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