Klaus Selmke, drummer of the Berlin band City, is dead. As the Bild newspaper reports, he died in the Berlin Charité. Dieter Birr, former singer of the Puhdys who are friends with City, said to the German press agency: "Of course the news totally shocked me." He himself received the sad news from city guitarist Fritz Puppel.

The City website is completely black this Friday evening. On the Facebook page it is written in white on a black background: "Klaus Selmke - April 21, 1950 - May 22, 2020." The drummer, who liked to sit barefoot on the stage, died about a month after his 70th birthday.

The band was one of the most successful rock groups in the GDR and is still active. One of her most famous songs is Am Fenster .

Selmke founded the band 48 years ago in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. It all started in a cultural center in Köpenick in the spring of 1972: the City Rock Band, as it was originally called, stood on a stage for the first time - and Klaus Selmke played the drums. The band was supposed to provide a musical accompaniment for a five-hour youth dance evening. She played songs by Santana, the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix. Ten years later, 10,000 fans made a pilgrimage to the open-air concert in the Plänterwald in Berlin.

The five bald heads that once had the slogan Without Bass and Without Hair - with City through the 80s! advertise for themselves were often on the edge of the permitted with their critical texts in the socialist state. Two years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, they discussed the division of Germany, for example, wall to wall and half and half . Singer Toni Krahl was arrested as a high school graduate in 1968 for protesting the crushing of Prague spring.

Krahl was initially unavailable for comment. "We are still speechless at the moment," quotes the Bild newspaper. Dieter Birr said: "I already knew that Klaus was sick. But he always kept a low profile about it." According to the newspaper report, Selmke died of cancer.