# Khashoggi has received a wide Saudi and Arab interaction, where activists rejected the pardon, justifying it legally and legally, considering the case of Khashoggi’s assassination as a political crime, not a criminal crime, against a man whose only crime was he - as a journalist - in the Saudi public affairs. Pardon God, "welcoming what they considered an ethical and humane promotion.

Your publication on (22/5/2020) monitored the interaction of Arab and Saudi activists with the event, who indicated the volume of republication, liking, and intense comments within a short time; This prompted some to accuse the "electronic flies" of carrying out the task of pumping the statement of "amnesty" to the family of the late Khashoggi.

Where the Saudi opposition activist, Yahya Asiri, denied that the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi was a family issue, and tweeted, “Khashoggi is not a family issue, it is not a mistake within a normal framework .. Nobody killed him because of a personal situation to be set up and his family interferes .. It is a crime of powers, authorities killed him because His political work, his cause is political, so keep quiet.

As for the fiancée of the late journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Khadija Genghis, she wrote, "Jamal has become a global symbol greater than all of us, near or beloved .. and the disgraceful crime of killing him will not be outdated and no one has the right to pardon his killers ... and I and everyone who seeks justice for Jamal will continue until I We achieve our goal. "

In turn, Anas Al-Sheikh offered amnesty for the killers of Khashoggi, and he wrote, "The right thing is that there is no pardon in the killing of greed, and the evidence is what Al-Bayhaqi narrated that # The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, refused to accept the excuse of Al-Harith bin Suwaid, who killed Al-Majthir bin Ziyad Ghila! .. Jamal_ Khashoggi. "

On the other hand, Meshaal bin Muhammad bin Saud bin Abdul Aziz welcomed the initiative of the deceased's family, and he said, "God bless them and their families. They offered God’s reward for what they were truly capable of under God’s law .. Yes, the family, reason, wisdom and faith .. And they missed the haters and haters of this country Their joy and their paper with international interventions by using this file to blackmail their country and seize its capabilities. "