Governor of Koike, "A society where" new daily life "is established" New Corona May 22 15:13

Governor Koike of Tokyo gave details of the city's roadmap, which gradually eased requests such as suspension of work after the declaration of emergency was lifted at a press conference. Wants to build a well-established society. "

Governor Koike of Tokyo explained the details of the city's roadmap at the press conference held from 2:00 pm on the 22nd, which gradually eased requests such as suspension of business after the declaration of emergency was lifted. Did.

In this, Governor Koike will set four steps from “0” to “1”, “2”, and “3” indicating the current situation in expanding the scope of mitigation, and will respond while watching the infection situation etc. Showed an idea.

After that, “If the emergency declaration is lifted, we will promptly proceed to Step 1. Currently, the number of infected people is low, and if this situation continues, we would like to consider accelerating the transition to the next step. ".

In addition, he said, "When reopening a metropolitan school, we will proceed step by step by decentralized school attendance."

In addition, Governor Koike said, "I would like to build with you a society in which a" new daily life "has been established to prevent the spread of infections in the places where you live and work to overcome the new coronavirus infectious diseases. ".