Floor Jansen has enjoyed world fame for many years with Nightwish, but is now finally also embraced by the Netherlands. In addition, the singer and her husband raise their three-year-old daughter. "Sometimes I wish the most important things in my life hadn't all happened at the same time."

Jansen did not hesitate for a second when she was asked to perform the title song of the three-part docus series Children in War: 75 years later.

"Because you live in a fairly isolated world, you sometimes forget that there is also another world. When I came into contact with War Child, that world became a lot more concrete and I got the opportunity to do something," says the 39 -year-old singer on the phone from her home town in Sweden.

What you need to know about Nightwish

  • Nightwish is a Finnish symphonic heavy metal band
  • The band was formed in 1996
  • Floor Jansen has been the lead singer since 2012

The second part of the documentary broadcast on SBS6, in which Jan Terlouw and Jeroen Krabbé, among others, talk about their childhood during the Second World War, can be seen on Sunday 24 May.

A year ago it was inconceivable that Jansen would be asked to sing a song (entitled: The images remain ) for a Dutch documentary and also in Dutch. For many, the singer, who previously filled concert halls worldwide with After Forever and now with the band Nightwish, was no stranger. But there seemed to be a wall between her and the average Dutch concert audience.

Then she was asked for the Best Singers program and she sang the song Phantom of the Opera together with Henk Poort . The duet was broadcast last fall, the rest is history. The clip on YouTube has been viewed almost 8.5 million times.


Floor Jansen and Henk Poort sing The Phantom of the Opera

This weekend you would actually be in a sold out Ahoy with Best Singers Live.

"I would also sing with Henk in Carré and play at Pinkpop. However, this pause will come. From the moment that Best Singers came on television, I have worked more than I had previously estimated. We made a record with Nightwish, there I put a lot of love and energy into it. After that, attention came to the Netherlands and the world tour with the band would start. I had never started fully charged. "

Did that end well?

"Yes. I have had a heavy burnout and I recognize the signals. I will not let that happen again. If I say yes to something, I commit myself to the expectations of the fans, of the band and of everyone around Nightwish who It really depends on what has to happen if I want to cancel a concert I can have some, but how nice is it to take too much hay on your fork My recent success in the Netherlands was an unplanned one, but very desirable side effect. But I have to find my balance in that. "

“I was not part of it and it made me unsure. That does something to a young child. ” Floor Jansen

Does your family always travel with you?

"Well, if we stay in the same place for a long time. During my first tour as a mother, we were in America for seven weeks. With our eleven-month-old child (Jansen and her husband, Hannes van Dahl, drummer in the Swedish band Sabaton, were parents, ed.) Terribly intense. But also terribly beautiful that I walked around in those American halls with my little one. You will never experience anything like that again. "

What is it like for Freja to have two touring musicians as parents?

"That is just as normal for her as for a child whose father works at the municipality. Sometimes mom or dad are away for a few weeks. She's used to that, too. That's not to say it's fun. When we're at home, we have a lot of time for her I think more than the average parent in a working family We often go for a walk in the woods Then I throw a pinecone through the air and say it was a naughty squirrel I often look through her eyes to the world around us. As an adult, you hardly do anything for the first time, while she last saw the sea for the first time. "

As a parent, your ability to put things into perspective also grows. You are no longer the most important person in your life.

"That means you also take fewer risks."

Does that affect your ambition as an artist?

"Not that way, but sometimes I wish the most important things in my life hadn't all happened at the same time. I have been alone for years and have had no careers for years. Now I have everything at the same time. That is of course a luxury problem, because I'm super happy. But I can't and don't want to keep this pace up for another twenty years. Still, I find it difficult to take it easy. Hannes and I never sit on our ass before nine o'clock in the evening. "

You were bullied for a long time when you were a child yourself. Can you ease that past pain with the success you have now?

"I have always seen it as part of my education. I was not part of it and became insecure because of that. It does something to a young child. In addition, we also constantly moved. I have so often started new people again that it would have made sense if I had become a gray mouse that wouldn't last long. But that just didn't happen. Did I become who I am because I wanted to prove something to myself and others? Or are the genes that my personality It is difficult to pinpoint what it is in. But if I hadn't been bullied, would things have turned out differently? I don't think so. "

"I love to eat a little while." Floor Jansen

The corona virus has paralyzed the concert world. How long can you miss the applause?

"With Nightwish we once took a year out and during my burnout I also did not perform for more than a year. But it does itch. I really only know whether it is a weekday or weekend, when Freja goes to the daycare or when people move into their weekend houses in the area. I also thought I was done traveling, but when I see a faraway place on TV, I realize I want to get out again. "

Can't you walk to the supermarket every now and then in leather pants and corset?

"Then I would feel ridiculous. Those clothes should be on stage. I love to eat up for a while. I take good care of myself, but now I mainly wear my work trousers and boots with steel toe caps. We are planning with Nightwish in will go to North America in September, but that will not work. Catch-up concerts in China are planned for October, but I wonder if that is not too early. "

Has recent insights provided new insights?

"For the first time in my life I would like to create something outside of a band. I started writing, but I am unsure about that. I developed as a singer, but not so much as a songwriter. I like fumbling behind the piano and walking around with a melody in my head. "

Do you want to prove that you can do it yourself?

"I have no problem admitting what I cannot do. I can sing beautifully, but that does not mean that I can write beautiful songs. I do not dare to hang my future exclusively on other people. That is why you have to keep innovating and Everything has changed since I joined Nightwish in 2012. I emigrated twice, got married, had a child, and traveled around the world a few times. things have all happened. I now feel anchored in both my family and the band. Actually, I want everything to stay the way it is now. "