The world of fashion and beauty has the ability to change rapidly, which is driven by the threads of this global industry on the one hand, and the cries that spread like fever on social media platforms, and the strength of the influence of young people in changing all of this according to what he deems appropriate on the other hand, and from all this interesting chaos, this presents The page is a quick and selective look at what can be appropriate for Gulf women in particular, and Arab in general.

Nada Al-Zarouni

The "Giving Movements" brand, launched from the UAE, offers a unique concept that aims to make a clear imprint in the fashion sector at the regional level, and the brand seeks to enhance levels of conscious consumption by providing sustainable products that take into account ethical labor standards, and based on five principles: positive impact, Sustainability, modernity, future outlook, and ethical labor standards in the country.

The brand embraces the concept of sustainability and develops designs in an environmentally friendly concept, such as relying on clothing made from a special fabric developed from recycled water bottles and bamboo. The new collection will include a selection of sportswear for both sexes.

Positive effect

The fledged brand believes that no action is valuable unless it has a human goal, so positive impact and noble goals are among its most fundamental values. The brand also appreciates the importance of hard work, sincere care and a beautiful return to society, as it cooperated with the local independent and non-profit Harmony House Foundation , And the global charity organization «Dubai Cares», will be donated revenue from the sale of each piece of the collection to fund projects dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children, and meet their physical, intellectual and emotional needs by providing them with free education, food, clothing and medical care.


Workers at The Giving Moving spent more than six months to manufacture sustainable and brand-specific "Raylon" and "Repoly" fabrics, which are unique fabrics unlike any other on the market today, and these fabrics are made using recycled water bottles after consumption and organic bamboo, Which is treated to give it the best of smoothness.

These fabrics are characterized by their ability to absorb sweat, their ability to stretch, light weight and allow air to pass through them. In order to reinforce the values ​​of transparency and integrity, each piece in the clothing collection is provided with a logo that shows the number of water bottles used in the production of the piece.

Of course, the mark does not depend on plastic for clothing packaging within its new collection, as the team created alternative materials made entirely of vegetable starch and characterized by biodegradability within months, and the packaging material can be reused, as a lockable zipper was added to each bag, This allows customers to use other things such as dressing up and makeup tools.


The brand's values ​​are not only about adopting sustainable standards, as they take into account trendy modern trends, enabling customers to keep up with the latest fashion trends, in addition to making informed and environmentally friendly purchasing decisions. The collection pieces are designed to suit the predominant practical lifestyle, as it can be worn in different circumstances and occasions, in addition to being suitable for both genders.

The brand also embraces the concept of inclusivity and addresses all its customers in the Middle East, prompting the team to offer modest designs of jackets and shirts with a practical veil and skirts that can be worn over tight trousers, and the brand also introduces “Tic Pant” pants as an alternative to tight pants, which allows to accompany the fashion and wear clothes Modest at the same time.

Future outlook

In addition to manufacturing innovative and advanced fabrics to design market-leading sportswear, The Giving Moving seeks to embrace a futuristic look by paying attention to every detail, highlighting the aesthetic aspects of the cutting through soft neon and metallic colors as one of its main pillars during the design process.

Ethical labor standards

The Giving Moving continues to uphold its commitment to the values ​​of transparency, as all parts are manufactured according to ethical labor standards in the UAE and produced in limited quantities with each piece marked with a serial number. The brand is proud to manufacture all of its clothes responsibly within the country, in a workshop that respects the mentioned standards.

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There is no value for any action unless it carries a humanitarian purpose.

- Sweat absorbent fabric, stretch ability, light weight and air flow.

Proceeds from the sale of each piece will be donated to fund projects designed to improve the lives of disadvantaged children.

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