Dubai TV, with its multiple channels, revealed a special program package and artwork that will be broadcast throughout the blessed days of Eid Al Fitr on Dubai TV and Sama Dubai, which comes in the context of keenness to continue to provide all that is distinct and renewed to the local and Arab audience, under the special circumstances The world is seeking to contain the emerging coronavirus, which has been imposed on home residents. The executive director of the radio and television sector at Dubai Media Corporation, Ahmed Saeed Al Mansoori, stressed that “the special programs and coverage package that the audience will follow on Dubai TV and Sama Dubai channel on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr, reflects the constant endeavor to provide the best, in addition to ensuring the public participation through competitions. Special programs and artwork, at a time when each channel sought to present its own identity through the set of programs that it produced through specialized working groups ».


With the appearance of the first days of Eid Al-Fitr, Dubai TV will broadcast the Eid prayer, while Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rahim Sultan Al-Ulama, Professor of Jurisprudence and Its Origins at the Emirates University, will present a special episode of the "Great Virtue" program, and from ten in the morning will broadcast the program "Eidkm Mubarak" from the presentation Ahmed Abdullah and Rehab Al-Muhairi on the first and second days of Eid, including many special reports and meetings in the studio with a number of guests and stars to talk about the atmosphere of the holiday in the UAE, in addition to a number of guests and artists participating in Ramadan work on Dubai TV. The last episodes of the drama and comedy series that were shown during the blessed month of Ramadan will be broadcast, in the first days of the feast, the last episode of the series “Number of Luck 7” will be presented at eight in the morning, and the series “with 100 Ws” (one o'clock), while the last episode of The series “Wind of Poison” at four in the afternoon, the series “Al-Khawabi” at six in the evening, and the series “Sugar Ziada” at 11 in the evening. As the visions of the boys will present the final episodes of the “Last Talk” program of competitions, on the first and second evening of the Eid, and with the third day of the feast, the audience will follow the special episode of the “Sahranin” program with Amir Karara, as was determined at one o'clock after midnight throughout the days of the holiday to follow a group of foreign films As the first day of the feast will display "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" directed by David Yates, the second day of Eid will show "Dunkirk", while the third day of the feast will display the science fiction movie "Interstellar" by the director himself.

On the second and third days of the Eid, the public will have the opportunity to follow the special episodes of the program “Your Health is Honest” with Dr. Ali Singel, and the ninth evening of the second day of the Eid. A special episode of the Mental Samurai Competition Program will be presented with the broadcaster Ammar Al Rahma.

Sama Dubai

Eid stories and his special airspace continue this year with Sama Dubai channel, and the beginning will be with the transmission of the Eid prayer facts. Starting from nine in the morning, the channel will show "Sabah Al-Eid" program presented by the Emirati broadcaster Maitha Ibrahim, who will review the successes achieved by a group of serials and special programs broadcast on Sama Dubai channel during the month of Ramadan, as the Emirati poet and researcher Awad bin Hassoum Al Darmaki will be hosted to talk about his "fingerprints" program, which received wide public follow-up. A video call will also be made with Ahmed Abdul Karim to talk about his "Our Life" program. The special episode will also host a group of actors participating in the championship of the Emirati series "Bint Soghan".

The audience of Sama Dubai channel will follow a set of plays throughout the Eid days, starting from the play "Azoubi Salmiya", while on the second day of Eid, the play "Alwad Sayed Al Shaghal" will be presented by Adel Imam.

On the third day of the holiday, the play "Elect Eum Ali", starring Khalil Ismail, Abd al-Rahman al-'Aql, Victory of al-Sharah and Dawood Hussein, will be shown alongside a group of Kuwaiti theater stars.

A special episode of "Al Mandoos"

For the first time, Sama Dubai channel is displaying dubbed films for children throughout the Eid. The public will follow the special episodes of the "Thank You, Homeland" program, starting at nine in the evening, by Hamid bin Karam and Diala Ali. During the special episodes, the efforts of the first line of defense will be highlighted by hosting a group of officials and guests to talk about the efforts of the White Army and what they are doing. During the holiday period.

The audience will also follow the special episodes of the program, "For the first time," with the Emirati journalist Ibrahim Astadi throughout the days of the holiday starting at ten thirty in the evening, and the Emirati journalist Abdullah Ismail will present the special episode of the "Al-Mandoos" program on the first day of the holiday (11:30 pm).

The best episodes of "Popularity of the Cartoon 14" and "Khoussa Inch", and the final episodes of the series "Wind of Poisons", "Shagaf" and "Bint Soghan", will be shown.

“Sama Dubai” will show “Azoubi Salmiya” and “Elect Umm Umm”, in addition to a number of dubbed films for children.

- The series "With 100 Wishes", its final episode, will be shown on the first day of Eid on Dubai TV (one o'clock).

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