Nothing is as nice as an evening bath in your own mini spa. Lock the door and relax! Vtwonen gives a few ideas for the luxurious hotel feeling in the bathroom.

Bathing in a basic bathroom

Start with the basics: the floor and walls. In a bright bathroom with white tiles, you can relax and unwind. It also provides a larger and more spacious feeling. Do you want the bathroom to have a cool look? Then combine dark gray tiles with light gray cabinets. A sleek matte black faucet and concrete accessories complete the robust bathroom. You can make a beautiful statement with brightly colored Moroccan tiles on the floor or walls. Combine it with basic furniture and accessories for unity and tranquility.

Tidy and neat

Give everything your own place, because ease of use is important. Hide all your bottles of shampoo and shower gel neatly behind cupboards in your bathroom cabinet or in fabric storage baskets. Chronic lack of storage space? Always a mess in the bathroom? Cleaning is really an art. That is why you will find a few cleaning tips here, and not only to hide everything behind a door, but also to give beautiful things such as hammam towels and fragrance sticks a place in your home spa.

By giving everything your own place, you increase the ease of use of your bathroom. (Photo: Vtwonen)


Plants provide atmosphere, also in the bathroom. Choose the right kind, which can survive well in the most humid room of your house. The umbrella plant can survive well in a damp, light bathroom. The grass lily is also not the most difficult - whether in the sun or shade.

Small budget

Do you want to create your own home spa without it costing too much money? With a few simple adjustments you still give the bathroom a luxurious hotel look. A few tips: replace your current shower head with a rain shower or make your own bathroom cabinet from wood. A few beautiful plants, accessories and scented candles cost little money and immediately give a lot of atmosphere to the bathroom. Discover even more ways to refresh the interior of your bathroom here.