Today (23rd), the temperature has risen so much that it will be as hot as early summer. 

You can also wear thin clothes. 

There is not much rain, but the central region will be cloudy and the southern region will be mostly sunny. 

However, there is another news from morning to day tomorrow. 

It will rain pretty loud from 5 to 30 mm in the central region including Seoul, Honam and Gyeongbuk. 

As of morning, raindrops are falling sporadically in Yeongdong, Gangwon Province, and there are places with heavy fog in Gangwon Mountain, so be careful when driving. 

As the atmosphere is stagnant today, you should also pay attention to fine dust. 

The concentration of fine dust at one point in the morning may be in the middle of Seoul and Incheon, southern Gyeonggi and Chungnam. 

Let's see the current temperature, starting at 16.6 degrees in Seoul, 12 degrees in Daegu, and 12.9 degrees in Ulsan. 

Daytime temperatures rise nationwide. 

It will rise to 25 degrees in Seoul and Chuncheon, and it will be hot during the day with 26 degrees in Daejeon and Cheongju, 27 degrees in Jeonju, 21 degrees in Busan, and 22 degrees in Ulsan. 

There will be many sunny days in the next week after the rain stops tomorrow, with little news of the rain.

(Jeon So Young Weather Caster)