Popular rapper suspected of possessing cannabis Detecting stimulant component May 12, 12:08

Interviews with investigators revealed that a stimulant component was detected in the urine of a popular rapper who was arrested for possessing cannabis. In response to the investigation, he stated that he had definitely hit the stimulant, and the Metropolitan Police Department is planning to postpone it in the future.

Kanahiko Kawakami (41), a popular rapper who works under the name "Kan aka GAMI", was arrested for breaching the Cannabis Control Law on the 2nd of this month, accusing him of possessing cannabis on the streets of Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. It was.

Subsequent investigations revealed that stimulant components were detected in the urine of suspect Kawakami in an interview with investigators.

It is said that he made a statement to the investigation, "I definitely hit the stimulant."

Kawakami was also appearing in a commercial TV program competing for rap technology, and the Metropolitan Police Department will investigate the route to obtain cannabis, and in the future, it will be sent off for suspected use of stimulants.