The talk show Op1 goes back in the summer VAN GETAL to five broadcasts a week, RTL Boulevard reports Thursday. According to sources, the VPRO will be added as a participating broadcaster on Friday, causing BNNVARA to lose two of its three weekly broadcasts.

The broadcasts of Op1 will be 55 minutes long. For the Friday broadcast of the VPRO, sources Nadia Moussaid and Thomas Erdbrink are named as presenters of the program that had the first broadcast on January 6.

By reducing the number of weekly broadcasts from seven to five, Fidan Ekiz would lose her position as presenter of the Sunday episode of Op1 . Her duo host Jeroen Pauw indicated on May 14 to present the talk show for the last time on June 28.

BNNVARA should put a second presentation duo on hold to bring the number of weekly broadcasts to five and give VPRO a place. It is not known whether it would be Willemijn Veenstra and Erik Dijkstra or Sophie Hilbrand and Hugo Logtenberg.