China News Network, Guangzhou, May 20 (Cheng Jingwei, Liu Xiangming, Lin Hui) According to the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau on the 20th, in the recent national anti-drug "pulling nail pursuit" operation, the Guangzhou police arrested the first-level supervisor of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security. He Mou. According to the police, the fugitive He Mou was the first class-listed target to be arrested in the nationwide anti-drug "pull nail pursuit" operation.

The Guangzhou police arrested the target of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security's "pull and pursue" operation. Photo courtesy of Guangzhou Police

  The Guangzhou police said that Hemou (Zhejiang province) was a fugitive in a drug target case detected by the Guangzhou police in 2018. In January 2018, the Guangzhou police, Guangxi and Heilongjiang police smashed an extra large drug trafficking group, arrested 35 people involved and seized 7.8 kilograms of various drugs. In September of the same year, the Guangzhou police teamed up with the Guangxi and Yunnan police to crack down on the drug target case of the Ministry of Public Security. , Guangxi, Yunnan and overseas arrested 29 major criminal suspects (all have been arrested), seized about 107.87 kilograms of drugs heroin and methamphetamine, seized more than 9.5 million yuan in drug money, 8 vehicles involved.

  After further investigations, especially through the in-depth investigation of drug-related wealth, the Guangzhou police learned that the drugs in these two cases came from a gang of Huang. Although most of the members of the gang have been arrested, they are responsible for expanding the drug "market" and collecting drug money. He Mou was hiding Yunnan and escaping the blow from abroad.

  The Guangzhou police pointed out that He Mou was the main suspect in this major drug case and was responsible for providing heroin. He has organized the sale of more than 600 pieces of heroin to the Guangdong and Guangxi regions, about 76.3 kilograms. He Mou fled to Yunnan and continued to engage in drug crimes in the Sino-Myanmar border area of ​​Ruili, Yunnan and Mu Mu, Myanmar, and organized drug entry. Because the suspects have been on the border for a long time, it is very difficult for the police to investigate and arrest them.

  On March 16, 2020, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security issued the first batch of "Pulling and Chasing and Escape" special operations list of targets for surveillance. Through the field investigation and data research and judgment, the Guangzhou police "pulling nails chasing and escaping" working group gradually grasped the activity laws of He Mou and others. On March 23, under the coordination of the Anti-Drug Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, with the help of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Bureau, the police of the working group arrested Hemou in Ruili, Yunnan.

  Subsequently, the police of the working group transferred to Longling, Wanding, Yunnan, and after 5 days of continuous squatting, on March 27, they arrested Yang Mou, the second-level supervision target of the Ministry of Public Security. In order to alleviate the pressure of epidemic prevention and control, the police of the working group chose to escort two fugitives from Yunnan to Guangzhou and arrived in Guangzhou more than 30 hours later.

  It is reported that on November 12, 2019, the China National Narcotics Control Commission held a meeting in Pu'er, Yunnan, to intercept the "Golden Triangle" drug entry work, and mobilized the deployment of a "Jingbian 2020" drug control action with focus on "pulling and chasing escape". Fight against drug lords or important drug dealers in the north of Myanmar. (Finish)