WASHINGTON client Beijing May 20 electric question: "Qingping Le" a princess in Fukang, it was really amnesia?

  Author Song Yusheng

  "Qing Ping Le" concludes.

  Song Renzong died, and his favorite daughter, Princess Fukang, forgot many things after being hit hard.

  However, this is only an artistic treatment. In history, the story of Princess Fukang is far from over.

Stills of "Qing Ping Le".

Princess Fukang's ending

  Let's first look at the final outcome of Princess Fukang.

  Seven years after the death of Song Renzong, Song Shenzong Xining three years (1070 AD), the first month, Princess Fukang died, only 33 years old.

  "Song History", which has always been regarded as the official history, has a very brief record of Princess Fukang's death. But in addition to the official history, the Song Dynasty Yao of the Song Dynasty and the private records of the official bureaucrats added more details to this history.

  Wang Anshi recorded in "Xing Ning Zuo Ji Lu" that during the last period of Princess Fukang, the concubine Li Wei paid little attention to it, and even the clothes, food and medicine could not guarantee the supply, so that the clothes and quilts used by Princess Fukang "There are ticks" on it. Lice are lice, and lice are lice eggs.

  Unattended, Princess Fukang had to fetch charcoal to make a fire, but the charcoal fire wounded her face.

Stills of "Qing Ping Le".

  Laundry and fire, these are not the things that a Northern Song princess should do, not to mention that she was once the princess Fukang who was "favored" by Song Renzong.

  Shi Zai and Song Shenzong said, "Weeping" after saying these situations, "Li Wei was benevolent." Subsequently, Li Wei, the concubine, was demoted because of "practice of princesses".

  But can Princess Fukang's so bleak evening really be attributed to Li Wei alone?

The princess is crazy?

  The year before her death, Princess Fukang also appeared once in history.

  In the second year of Xining (1069 AD), Princess Fukang once asked Shenzong to replace the medical officer of Hanlin. Song Shenzong made an exception.

  This seems to imply that a year ago, Princess Fukang's health condition had already been in trouble. But in fact, it is the mental state of Princess Fukang that deserves more attention than health.

Stills of "Qing Ping Le".

  In many related historical materials, many abnormal behaviors of the princess are mostly after marriage, or even after marriage changes. But on the other hand, Sima Guang's "Shui Shui Ji Wen" and "Renewal of the Fundamentals of Zhitong Jian" both record that the mental state of Princess Fukang seems to have been in trouble for a long time.

  After the princess's death, Shenzong took into consideration Princess Fukang's "extreme filial piety" and ordered Shi Zhuang Xiao.

  Looking through the historical data, the record of Princess Fukang's "Supreme Filial Piety" probably comes from the content in "Song History": Once Song Renzong was ill, Princess Fukang has been serving around, and prayed barefoot to the sky, hoping that he could replace his father sick.

  The "Shui Shui Ji Wen" also recorded the situation that Song Renzong became ill once. This is the year before Princess Fukang's marriage, historical data contains that at that time, the princess was "sick." It is clearly pointed out here that the princess had mental or psychological problems before she got married. This statement is also used in the "Renewal of Long-Term Fundamentals".

  Obviously, there are contradictions and unclear situations in historical records. It is difficult for us today to confirm when the spirit of Princess Fukang is in trouble, but all this may be closely related to her growth and marriage experience.

  So, what did Princess Fukang experience before and after marriage? How did this marriage begin?

Pocket Pearl and "A Good Man"

  "Song History" contains thirteen daughters of Renzong, nine of whom are "early dead". Princess Fukang is the oldest daughter of Renzong.

  Many documents show that Princess Fukang was a very special princess in the Northern Song Dynasty. This largely stems from a series of operations carried out by Song Renzong around his daughter.

  For example, Princess Fukang was the first princess to hold a "Book Sealing Ceremony" in the Northern Song Dynasty. Although opposed by the minister, Song Renzong held a ceremony for the princess.

Stills of "Qing Ping Le".

  Regardless of the original intention of Renzong to do this, it will definitely give everyone such a feeling; the fact that Rong Chong is prepared means that the emperor especially loves the princess. Princess Fukang seems to enjoy such treatment.

  On the other hand, for Li Wei, the man married by the principal, Sima Guang called him "Simple and Simple" in "Shui Shui Ji Wen", which means that although he looks ugly, he has a simple and honest character. According to today's statement, Sima Guang issued a "good man card" to Li Wei.

  In the case of feelings, being issued a "good person card" basically means that the person is not attractive to the opposite sex.

  But is Li Wei really useless? Nor is it.

Stills of "Qing Ping Le".

  "Xuanhe Paintings", which records the collection of Song Huizong's palace, describes the scene when Li Wei was summoned by Song Renzong when he was 13 years old. He used phrases such as "accounting for grace" and "behaving well" to describe him. "Xuanhe Paintings" also mentioned that Li Wei's level of painting and calligraphy is not bad, and the royal family even collected two of his works.

  In this summoning, Song Renzong seemed to completely ignore Li Wei's "simple appearance" and "Gu Zuozhi looked at the palace", and finally decided to let his daughter Princess Fukang marry Li Wei.

  But Li Wei's performance should not be able to please the mother-in-law. According to "Song History", Princess Fukang's biological mother, Miao Guifei, "can't say anything" about her marriage to Li Wei.

  Parents have completely different opinions on their daughter's marriage, which may be the first impression of Princess Fukang on this marriage.

Qunchen shelling and the princess fight back

  Song Renzong certainly has his own abacus.

  Li Yonghe, Li Wei's father, is the brother of Empress Zhang Yi, the mother of Song Renzong.

  In fact, all records of this marriage clearly indicate that the emperor arranged this to enhance the status of his biological mother.

Stills of "Qing Ping Le".

  "Song History · Biography of Foreigners" stated that Li Yonghe was extremely poor when he was young. He once lived in Beijing and lived on paper money. Later, because of the appreciation of "Wei Wang Liu Mei", there was an errand. After Song Renzong's pro-government, Li's family flew to Huang Tengda.

  Li Wei grew up in such a family like a "starter". When two completely different people lived together, the conflict suddenly broke out. Sima Guang also said in "Fu Shui Ji Wen" that Princess Fukang looked down on this pony.

  Then, when the princess discovered that Li Wei's mother, Yang, had peeked at her and her inner minister, Liang Huaiji, she injured Yang's. Then, Princess Fukang ran back to the imperial city at midnight and knocked.

  The emperor was in a dilemma for this matter. Renzong had to let the princess live in the palace first, and at the same time appease the concubine's family by means of reward.

  But this and the slime's treatment methods were immediately questioned by the group officials. Everyone accused the princess of entering the palace late at night to destroy the palace ban system. So the emperor had to reduce Princess Fukang's kingdom from Princess Yanguo to Princess Yiguo, and also punished the eunuchs around the princess.

  The result of this processing was that Princess Fukang cried twice and hanged three times. Sima Guang recorded that the princess used self-restraint, throwing wells, and burning Dishe to protest. In desperation, Song Renzong had to recall Liang Huaiji and others.

Stills of "Qing Ping Le".

Divorce and remarry

  Not only that, Princess Fukang ’s mother, Miao Fei, conspired with another concubine, and she placed a celebrity minister in the Princess Mansion to try to find out what Li Wei was doing wrong to end the marriage. It's just that Li Wei acted cautiously, and seemed to find no flaws at all.

  Since then, Miao has even suggested to the emperor twice that he should be killed. It's just that Renzong will certainly ignore this suggestion. All the emperor can do is to let the princess live in the palace temporarily.

Stills of "Qing Ping Le".

  At this point, things have completely deviated from Renzong's original thought. He wanted to improve the status of his mother's family through the marriage of the princess.

  It was at this time that Li Wei ’s brother Li Zhangjin said that Li Wei was not enough to “succeed in marriage” and requested a divorce. Renzong finally found a step, so he approved it.

  But the story is not over. Sima Guang, who impeached the princess before, and others came out again to persuade.

  After being advised by Sima Guang and others, Renzong recalled Li Wei again, remarrying him with Princess Fukang, and "made him as Fu Ma Du Wei as always".

"Qing Ping Le" poster.

  We don't know what Song Renzong thought at the time. He may want to try his best to maintain the balance between courtiers, relatives and the royal family, or he may take pity on his daughter and take care of his biological mother. He seemed to be in a situation where he did nothing right.

  So we can see that in the marriage of Princess Fukang, Renzong made many contradictory decisions.

  In the eight years of Jiayou (AD 1063), Song Renzong and Zhao Zhen died. He was in power for 42 years and was the longest emperor in the Song Dynasty. Seven years later, Princess Fukang, who was so beloved by him, also left the world in difficulty. (Finish)

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