In response to the fact that the amendment to the civil law, aka 'Kuhara Law', has not been crossed the threshold of the National Assembly Judicial and Judicial Council, Mr. Guho-in, a former brother of Kuhara, said, “I will try again.

The Justice Committee held the first subcommittee on bill review on the 19th and made a decision to 'continue to review' the five proposed amendments to the civil law, but it was no longer the day it was scrapped because it was the last meeting of the 20th National Assembly.

Mr. Guo-in said that he had to avoid this case when his younger brother, Guhara, died in November last year and felt unjust about the sudden visit of his mother, who never gave up any child-raising duties and gave up her parents' rights. As a legislative petition for the 'Kuhara law', more than 100,000 people agreed.

In a phone call with SBS funE reporters on August 20, Guho-in said that the amendment to the civil law called 'Kuhara law' was effectively abolished. "I said.""I don't know if I can file a petition again and get 100,000 consent, but I'm not sure if I can get 100,000 consent," he said. I think that if you do this, the results may be different. "" I said the lawmakers would help us to be seriously re-discussed in the 21st National Assembly. I know that this law is not applicable to us, but the same situation with my brother again "I don't want it to happen."

According to the current civil law, Guhara's heirs who have died without themselves and their spouses become the biological parents, and the inheritance of Guhara's property is halved by each of the parents. The father handed over his share to his brother.

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yun)