Expanding benefits to single-parent families Unemployment and reduced revenue with the new Corona Poverty May 20, 4:47

In order to support single-parent families who are economically in need due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, a support group working on child poverty measures has a press conference on the 19th, and cash payments to households receiving child rearing allowance etc. I asked to add it.

At a press conference on 19th, a support group working on measures against poverty of children announced the results of a questionnaire survey conducted on the Internet for single-parent households, etc. "Children are at risk due to unemployment due to spread of infection and significant decrease in income We are in a situation like this. ”

At the conference, a single mother in her 20s living in the Hokuriku region said, "I was planning to leave my one-year-old son to work in a nursery school, but I lost my job due to the influence of corona and I can not find a new job. Said, "I can't do anything while I'm on leave," and I can't do anything about it. "

In response to this situation, support organizations have asked the government and political parties to add the amount of benefits to single-parent households receiving child-rearing allowances back to last month for a half year until September, and I am asking you to pay a "special benefit".

Yumiko Watanabe, director of the NPO "Kids Door," said, "The situation is that single mothers are unable to work and children cannot eat enough rice to buy stationery. I would like to help children to live in peace. ”