"Like the melt-blown cloth a few months ago, the price of helmets is the same every day." On the afternoon of May 19, nearly a month after the announcement of the new regulations on "one helmet and one belt" by the Ministry of Public Security, a helmet manufacturer .

  On April 21, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security deployed the "One Helmet and One Belt" security guardianship operation, requiring "public security and traffic management departments around the country to strengthen publicity and guidance and increase public awareness of wearing safety helmets." After the announcement, local governments responded, and Henan and Jiangsu first issued relevant regulations.

  After the relevant regulations were promulgated, the demand and price of helmets skyrocketed. The average "Harley" type half helmet has an average selling price of 85 yuan, which rose to 188 yuan on May 16 and has risen to 298 yuan on May 19. The ABS material required for the helmet shell is also four times longer.

  An investigation by a Beijing News reporter found that the promulgation of the new regulations caused the market to follow the trend, and the price increase of helmets is an indisputable fact. While the entire helmet industry is "heating" due to policies, whether the sudden increase in helmet products can meet national standards and 3C certification, and then to ensure the safety of travellers, is a problem that the entire market has to face.

  The reporter found through a third-party platform that the historical lowest price of the "Harley" half helmet was 67.5 yuan, which had risen to 298 yuan on May 19. Network screenshot

Traffic Management Bureau deploys "One Helmet and One Belt" security guard operation and promulgates policies in many places

  The helmet attracted attention from April 21 this year. The official website of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security announced that it would carry out a "one helmet and one belt" security guard operation throughout the country.

  During the operation, the public security and traffic control department will strengthen law enforcement management, according to law to check motorcycles, electric bicycle riders do not wear safety helmets and car drivers and passengers do not use seat belts behaviors, to help develop a safe habit.

  After the announcement, local governments responded, and Henan and Jiangsu first issued relevant regulations.

  According to the "Henan Daily" news on May 16, Henan Province, since June 1, if motorcycle and electric vehicle riders fail to wear safety helmets as required, motorcycle drivers will be given 2 points and a fine of 50 yuan; riding a motorcycle Those who do not wear safety helmets will be fined 20 yuan.

  In addition, the Traffic Police Corps of the Henan Provincial Public Security Department once told the media that correction and education are the main reasons for the behavior of electric bicycle riders not wearing helmets.

  For example, by setting up a learning and education point, watching videos of illegal accidents, learning to copy traffic safety regulations, participating in voluntary counseling activities, and collecting praises from circle of friends, we urge riders to consciously wear safety helmets and make wearing safety helmets a conscious act.

The "One Helmet and One Belt" security guard operation deployed by the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security.

  Mr. Chen from Henan Province told the Beijing News that his daily transportation means are electric bicycles, "convenient and low travel costs."

  After hearing that Henan Province issued regulations on wearing helmets, Mr. Chen immediately purchased two helmets. "For family members, although there is no fine, but you go out to be arrested, give you criticism and education for a long time, and delay things, so while the price increase is still acceptable, buy two quickly."

  Jiangsu ’s policy is stricter. On May 19, Jiangsu Province issued the "Electric Bicycle Management Regulations", Article 41 of the Regulations stipulates that from July 1st, if the electric bicycle driver does not wear a safety helmet in accordance with the regulations, the traffic management department of the public security organ will warn Or a fine of more than 20 yuan and less than 50 yuan.

Helmet prices are rising, and e-commerce platforms have nearly tripled

  According to the statistics of the Ministry of Public Security's Transportation Bureau in 2018, the number of motorcycles in China is about 87 million. Statistics from the China Bicycle Association in 2018 show that the current domestic social ownership of electric bicycles has exceeded 250 million.

  The introduction of the "one helmet and one belt" policy has led to a surge in the demand for helmets. "How about a helmet of thirty to forty yuan, now it has risen to more than one hundred yuan?" Recently, most netizens on Weibo reported that the price of helmets has increased two or three times overnight. On May 18, the topic of "helmet price increase" on Weibo rushed to the second place in the hot search list, with a search volume of more than 100,000.

  After the introduction of relevant policies, the price of electric vehicle helmets has also started to soar. The Beijing News reporter found on e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and JD.com that most helmets currently cost between 100 and 200 yuan.

  The reporter inquired about the historical price changes of the helmet through third-party software. The average "Harley" type half helmet has an average price of 85 yuan, which rose to 188 yuan on May 16 and 298 yuan on May 19.

  The price of helmets has skyrocketed, causing a large number of agents and middlemen to join the helmet reselling industry. At the beginning of May, a friend told Zhang Sheng (pseudonym): "Now the helmet is very hot, and one price a day."

  On May 19, a merchant changed the helmet price from 28 yuan to "negotiable", the actual price was 45 yuan a. Network screenshot

  On May 13, Zhang Sheng bought 1,000 helmets at a unit price of 39 yuan, and released a sales advertisement through the circle of friends. In a few minutes, he sold these helmets to an agent in Zhengzhou at a unit price of 69 yuan. "Making 30,000 in one second." Zhang Sheng couldn't believe that helmets were so easy to sell.

  Zhang Sheng, who obtained the first barrel of gold through helmet trading, told the Beijing News that nowadays, helmets can rise more than a dozen a day. Helmets with a factory price of about 19 yuan have tripled in price when resold.

  Soon, Zhang Sheng received another 50,000 orders. The buyer offered a price of 39 yuan on May 18th, but the unit price of the helmet has risen to more than 40 yuan at this time. "Now the helmet is a price per day."

The helmet market is in short supply, and the price of raw materials ABS has nearly quadrupled

  The supply of helmets is in short supply, leading to a surge in orders from manufacturers. "There are no stocks now, and orders are not accepted." The Beijing News reporter contacted a number of helmet manufacturers, and manufacturers all said that they could no longer accept new orders.

  "Our factory's old customers' orders are all arranged until the end of June," Mr. Yan, the head of a helmet production factory in Dongguan, Guangdong, told the Beijing News that the current ex-factory price of the half helmet is 40 yuan, "the price has increased by more than half." At present, the factory produces more than 4,000 helmets per day, but it still cannot meet the market demand. "(We) are going to import some helmets for sale." Mr. Yan said.

  Mr. Huang, the person in charge of a helmet production plant in Foshan, Guangdong, told the Beijing News, "The helmet is currently out of stock, and our factory's orders have been placed until mid-July."

  Mr. Huang's factory produces 2,500 helmets a day, which is already highly productive in this industry, but it is still in short supply. "Foshan's production plants are basically out of stock."

  The person in charge of another helmet manufacturer in Foshan has changed the price of a helmet of 28 yuan on the publicity page to "negotiable." In a simple inquiry, the person in charge said helplessly: "What you saw was the price a week ago, and now the price has nearly doubled."

  According to its introduction, the price of the half helmet they produced is now 45 yuan. At such prices, there is little room for bargaining. "With an order quantity of less than 100,000, the price is not easy to drop for a penny."

  The merchant further introduced that even at this price, the order is now saturated, and after the order is placed on the same day, the goods will not be received until 20 days later. "It's hard to say in a few days. I'm afraid it will take 30 days to receive it." And at that time, no one dared to say the price.

  The increased demand for helmets has driven up raw material prices. According to the "Leqing City Helmet Industry Association Group Standard", the structure of the electric bicycle occupant helmet consists of a shell, a buffer layer, and a wearing device. The shell requires the use of tough and durable new ABS materials. The reporter learned from many helmet manufacturers Until recently, ABS materials have increased significantly.

  "Before, the price of ABS material was more than 800 yuan per ton, but now it has risen to more than 3000 yuan." Mr. Yan, the head of a helmet factory in Dongguan, told the Beijing News that the demand for helmets has increased and the prices of raw materials have also risen. "Before May 1st, there was a tendency to increase prices. At that time, I felt like a mask, it would definitely be fired."

  Regarding the issue of helmet price increases in the short term, a reporter from the Beijing News consulted Zhu Lijia, a professor at the National School of Administration. He said that the reason for the price increase of helmets is because the market supervision department has not played its due role. "After the traffic control department issues new regulations, the corresponding regulatory department needs to issue a series of supporting policies."

  Zhu Lijia said that traveling with a helmet is a normalized regulation and is closely related to people's safety. It does not require a long process of investigation and department approval.

Merchants claim that the product does not meet the national 3C certification

  If the output suddenly increases in the short term, can the quality of the helmet be guaranteed?

  Talking about this, Zhang Sheng revealed to the Beijing News reporter, "The helmet is to be certified by 3C, but I have a big order for 3 days, and I can sell it without a standard helmet." He said, "In fact, everyone buys a helmet. I will consider it as unqualified, just to prevent punishment. "

  A business in Foshan assured reporters that the quality of their products is absolutely fine, "ordinary riding can guarantee safety." But he also admitted that their products do not meet the national 3C certification, so they can not be sold in some large supermarkets.

  According to public information, the 3C certification is called "China Compulsory Product Certification", and the "Compulsory Product Certification Management Regulations" show that the state has a unified product catalog (hereinafter referred to as the catalog) for products that implement mandatory product certification, and a unified technical specification. Requirements, standards and conformity assessment procedures, unified certification marks, and unified charging standards.

Some people in the circle of friends resell helmets. Network screenshot

  In the "Knowledge Post: How Important is the Correct Use of Safety Helmets" issued by the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security on September 10, 2019, it was clearly stated that the quality of motorcycle occupant helmets must meet national standards and 3C certification.

  The post introduced that in October 2017, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the China National Accreditation Administration issued the Announcement on the Transition Period for the Compulsory Product Certification Management of Motorcycle Passenger Helmets, Electric Blankets and Mopeds (2017 No. 86) It is required to formally implement mandatory product certification management on motorcycle occupant helmet products from November 01, 2017. From August 1, 2018, motorcycle occupant helmets that have not obtained CCC certification shall not be shipped from the factory, sold, imported or otherwise. Used in business activities.

  Although there is no national standard for electric vehicle helmets, local industry associations have also made explorations. In September 2019, the helmet manufacturing industry association of Zhejiang Yueqing Helmet Industry Association announced the "Standard for Electric Bicycle Occupant Helmet Group". According to the staff of the local market supervision bureau, this is the first electric bicycle occupant helmet group standard in China.

  On the afternoon of May 19, a reporter from the Beijing News contacted Lu Mingchuan, the head of the Yueqing Helmet Industry Association, who expressed inconvenience for an interview. However, in a previous report in Wenzhou local media, the relevant person in charge of the Yueqing Helmet Association introduced that the panic buying trend in the Yueqing helmet market, the Yueqing Helmet Industry Association has organized a council meeting, which clearly stated that the current helmet In the case of a general price increase in downstream industries, it is necessary to strengthen quality supervision and control.

  Beijing News reporter Wang Ruiwen Lu Tong intern Ma Jieying