During the filming of the second season of the travel program Tokidoki, Paulien Cornelisse was pushed by director Jelle Brandt Corstius to approach Japanese people. Although that made her feel uncomfortable, the writer agrees with him afterwards, she says in the radio program De Perstribune .

"Once I talk to those people, I notice that they actually like it and I do too," said Cornelisse about the television program of which the first episode of the second season was broadcast on Sunday. "But you have to cross a threshold."

Cornelisse understands that Brandt Corstius "does his job" when he "just isn't pushing her physically to people on the street", but she felt uncomfortable when she had to leave the program maker for Japanese. "Strangely enough, I always agree with him."

According to Cornelisse, it is not pleasant for the Japanese if a foreigner just approaches them, because many of them feel insecure when they have to speak English. "Then I address them in Japanese and then there is already a kind of relaxation," said the writer.

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