"September admission" Yes 41% Opposition 37% NHK opinion poll May 19 6:30


When asked about whether or not to change the entrance time to September in an NHK opinion poll, 41% of the respondents answered “yes” and 37% answered “no”. .

From the 15th of this month, NHK will conduct a poll for 3 days starting from this month with a method called "RDD", which is used to call landline and mobile phone numbers randomly generated by computer for 18 years old and over.

The survey was conducted by 2075 people, with 1163 people (61%).

▼ The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has reviewed the guidelines for consultation and consultation of PCR test for new coronavirus and revised the content such as "If fever of 37 degrees 5 minutes or more continues for 4 days or more" "There are symptoms such as breathlessness and high fever "If" etc.

When asked if they think that this review will make them easier to receive,
▽ "Easy to receive" was 50% and
▽ "Not easy to receive" was 37%.

▼ In response to the prolonged suspension of temporary school due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, when asked about pros and cons about changing the enrollment period in September,
▽ "yes" 41%,
▽ "opposite" Was 37%.

▼ The government expert council says that in order to prevent the spread of infection again, it is necessary to adopt a "new lifestyle" such as doing shopping with a small number of people, teleworking and staggering commuting.

When asked about how they are working on these lifestyles,
▽ "I already work" was 70%,
▽ "I plan to work from now" was 13%,
▽ "I do not plan to work" was 10%.