Corona anxiety Can be solved by gambling Reveal addiction Support group survey May 17 19:53

While many people are worried about the effects of the new coronavirus, gambling addicts are more likely to try and get rid of their anxiety, a study conducted by a support group found. The group has pointed out that the problem of addiction, which is usually difficult to see, emerged as customers gathered at some pachinko parlors that did not respond to requests for leave.

The "Gambling Addiction Problem Thinking Group" of the public interest incorporated foundation conducted a questionnaire survey on the effects of the new coronavirus for those who were treated for gambling addiction on the 6th and 7th of this month. I got answers from people.

When asked what they were doing before they were treated, about 70% said they were trying to get rid of their anxiety by gambling.

Also, when people who had a addiction to pachinko, asked what they were doing before treatment when a local store was closed, 60% said, "I went out looking for a store that was open even across prefectures." I answered.

In the free description, some say, "I'm worried about my income, and I might start gambling again because of my worries."

In Tokyo, Osaka, etc., some pachinko parlors, which continued to operate in the so-called "three-crowded" state, did not respond to requests for holidays, and many customers were criticized, but the group that conducted the survey is usually. He points out that the problem of addiction, which is difficult to see, has emerged.

“The gambling addiction problem meeting”, Noriko Tanaka, said, “Among these people who go to gambling may have addiction. Even if they know that it is useless, they go out to dispel anxiety. I want you to understand that there are people. ”

If you're on addiction ...

Two men who are currently being treated for addiction testify to the psychology of those who cannot stop gambling.

Among them, the man in his thirties, who was once absorbed in pachislot and accumulated debt, began to get treatment for the money of the company where he worked, and began to receive medical treatment.

The man explained, "I have a lot of excitement when I'm winning, and I can't stop thinking that it's useless in my head," explained the psychology of people with gambling addiction.

Also, a man in his 50s, who has been addicted to gambling for many years and is being treated for addiction, said, `` I feel uncertain about the people who go to pachinko while the anxiety that I do not know what will happen in the future spreads. '' I will.

The man said, "I used to do the same thing when I was in the current situation. Thinking about the reason for going to gambling, such as" I will not be infected "or" I am okay "in any situation It should end up. "

Some people even go to illegal gambling stores

Some gambling enthusiasts even go to illegal gambling stores.

According to the police, these illegal gambling stores are considered to be booming under the state of emergency, but most of them are "3 dense" and the risk of infection is high.

In Tokyo, an illegal poker gambling store was spotted by the Metropolitan Police Department on the 8th of this month in a building in Chiyoda-ku.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, when investigators stepped into the store, about 20 people, including customers and employees, crowded together in a small store, and there was no ventilation.

The management said, "Customers have been increasing the number of business days since the last month when the emergency was declared," and the customers also answered "I like poker and could not stand it", etc. I am talking to.

In addition, a store that was said to have been playing baccarat gambling with playing cards in a room in a downtown building in Nagoya was caught on the night of the 16th.

There were no windows inside the store, and the entrance door was also tripled, so the investigators wore goggles and gloves to step into the scene when they were caught.

One of the guests is saying, "I've never had a day off and I've been coming 2-3 times a week."

Fear of "crowding" Difficult to participate in recovery program

As people get out of their gambling addiction, people in the recovery program are now worried about the effects of the new coronavirus.

Dependent patients have regular talks with people in the same environment and supporters so that they can see their illness and lead to recovery, but it is not possible for many to gather.

According to support groups, if you have anxiety or stress in a lonely situation, you are more likely to fall into gambling again.

Also, as you spend more time at home, you may be more enthusiastic about gambling on the Internet.

Representative Noriko Tanaka of the “Gambling Dependency Issues Meeting” is concerned that “it is possible that the number of people with addiction is increasing after the new coronavirus infection has subsided.”

Expert "It is important to understand addiction and connect it to treatment"

Dr. Toshiaki Tsuneoka of Karasuyama Hospital attached to Showa University, who specializes in addiction treatment, pointed out that there are not a few gambling addicts among the customers who gathered at some pachinko parlors that do not respond to leave requests, such as in Tokyo. I will.

Dr. Tsuneoka said, "Some people are concerned about the future of the new coronavirus, but because of the influence of self-restraint, they are unable to consult with anyone, and the only way to diverge is pachinko. Instead, it is important to properly understand addiction and reach out to help treat it. "