Mick Jagger at the top of his form - Patrick kovarik / AFP

The Rolling Stones in Hampton

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Hampton Coliseum - Live In 1981 was captured during the American Rolling Stones tour in 1981. This 50-date marathon broke all records in 1981 with $ 50 million raised for ticket sales. The group then promoted the album Tattoo You, a great critical and commercial success.

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Russian course for beginners

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Loecsen has adopted a practical approach to help you quickly learn the basics of a language. You can start by memorizing practical words and phrases that you can use everyday at home. Training to pronounce vocabulary out loud, numbers for example, is a good exercise that can be practiced at any time of the day.

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Trumpet on sheet music - Royalty free

Learn all about music theory

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Music theory is the language of music for reading or writing a musical score. Learning, centered on notation, is generally used for the practice of a musical instrument or singing. Acadezik offers an innovative and free pedagogy with music theory lessons allowing you to progress effectively at your own pace while having fun. Acadezik offers music theory courses made up of short video sequences targeting one or more specific pedagogical concepts as part of a structured course. The goal is to allow you to play a musical instrument and / or sing.

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Statue of Hercules on a lion - Royalty-free

Visit the exhibition "Founding Myths, from Hercules to Darth Vader" at the Louvre

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What is a myth? How are myths represented? How did the artists get hold of it? Told, sung, transcribed, illustrated, myths are present in all cultures and civilizations, up to contemporary popular culture. The exhibition “Founding Myths. From Hercules to Darth Vader ”tells how draughtsmen, sculptors, painters, puppeteers, filmmakers and musicians from all over the world fed on myths and gave them shape and life.

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