Ayumi Roux embodies Maya, a teenager with a strong temperament in "Skam" - Thibault GRABHERR / GTV

  • Season 6 of  Skam France  continues to air on francetv slash.
  • The character of Maya, who made her arrival this year, is embodied by the young actress Ayumi Roux.
  • She confides to 20 Minutes her impressions on the shooting and the importance of the impact of the series among her fans.

Difficult to miss Ayumi Roux lately. On the small screen or in the cinema, the 19-year-old actress has carved out a special place in French productions. At the casting of the series Amours Solitaires on Arte and Vampires on Netflix, she currently embodies Maya, one of the main characters of season 6 of Skam . Available on francetv slash, the fiction with 100 million views tackles the theme of addiction thanks to a palette of colorful characters including Maya, a teenager full of convictions. A personality to whom Ayumi Roux is attached, who returns for 20 Minutes on his arrival in the series.

How was your arrival on Skam organized  ?

All the Skam characters passed the casting without knowing that it was for this series. When I passed it, the team was looking for young people to play in an already existing series and that's all I knew. It was during the call-back that I learned that it was for Skam . I did not try to know for which series it was, because in my opinion, my casting did not go very well. I told myself that I was not going to look for it and break my head trying to guess. When my agent told me it had gone well, I started to wonder, but I didn't know Skam before. I had already heard of it because it is so imposing, but I had not watched it.

What attracted you to the character of Maya?

There are a lot of things that seduced me because she is a very strong girl despite what she went through. I find it crazy that she is also smiling, jovial, outgoing constantly and that she tries to fight for the others whereas she herself was demeaned in the past. It is a fine example. What touched me about her was the fact that she was involved for various causes, such as the LGBT cause or the environment. These are things that are important to me. It's just normal for her to defend these causes and be active.

Have you infused your character with your own?

I thought it was a girl I would like to be a friend with. I took her as the coolest girl I could have imagined, so I went for it. I had nothing against her, and I thought that her character should be like that. There are lots of things that I can learn from myself, I try to be active for the ecological cause and the LGBT cause. It sure inspired me, but this is just the advent of why I fought all my life so it's not that far from me.

Didn't the principle of real-time broadcasting of Skam scare you?

Since I didn't know Skam before, I didn't realize how big it was when it was released. It was a shock, but a good shock. I received a lot of very kind messages, it's super warm. With real-time broadcasting, Skam has really pushed all fields of possibilities. They already represent real life to the fullest, with this story of temporality, I find that completely phew.

How do you see the relationship between Maya and Lola?

I think these are two girls who complement each other very well. I have the impression that even if they are very different, there are significant things that have happened in the lives of both, which makes them understand each other. Maya represents a little this light which will draw Lola towards the surface, and at the same time I have the impression that Lola also helps Maya. It makes me think of yin and yang, the pure side and the dark side, the two are forced to be together to create a balance.

Talking about addiction to young people on public service, is it important for you?

It's super important. It surprised me that it was broadcast on a public service program, that's why it made me all the more happy to be part of it. The end of high school is the end of education that we all receive at the same level, it is the last step to tell us what we should do morally or not. It is a very important time in life. Then, we return to adulthood and we are less followed. If you have problems, it is harder to get out of it because you are less supported. This is when we try the most things, so it can happen more often during this period.

In the series in which you play, you are easily recognized by your hair color. It's desired ?

It all started with my first project, the short film Yandere . Director William Laboury asked me to color my hair. It started at that time and it never stopped. When I got to the castings, I always had colored hair, and it just happened like that. I never regained my normal hair. I no longer took care of it between projects, so I arrived at auditions with bleached hair, and I was told "Ah, well, good idea!". On Slash, they didn't want me to have the hair of the same color on different projects. My hair is the collateral damage of this job!

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How did you manage your confinement? Did you take the opportunity to work?

I have occupied my confinement well. I hardly ever watched any movies when I do this all year round. I worked in languages, English and Japanese, I made music. I live with my grandmother near Lyon, she is like my best friend, and we made a lot of games, we take advantage of each other. I also had video castings and call-backs, but since they don't know when the productions will resume, we are still waiting for the final stages.


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