(Illustrative photo) The foot of a premature baby. - Raul ARBOLEDA / AFP

Five girls and one boy born after 24 weeks and 6 days of gestation (no periods). The Strasbourg-Hautepierre hospital saw the birth of six-folds Thursday in its establishment, an extremely rare event, relayed by the newspaper Les Actualités Nouvelles d'Alsace (DNA).

Born by caesarean section in the space of a few minutes, between 9:04 p.m. and 9:08 p.m., these babies weigh between 630 and 730 grams, which makes them "very large premature babies," the hospital said. that the World Health Organization considers babies to be viable from 22 weeks. They are hospitalized in neonatal resuscitation and will spend long months in hospital.

The pregnancy of their mother, who already had two children, arose from ovarian stimulation.

The birth of sextuplets, an extremely rare event

"We are very careful, it is a situation which requires all the technical expertise of the high-performance team at Hautepierre hospital," said a medical source, stressing that 30 people had been mobilized for this extraordinary birth. "After the Covid period, these suffering teams were able to mobilize," insisted this source.

According to it, the last birth of sixfold in France dates back to thirty years. The DNA evokes a birth of sixfold in 1988, in Normandy.

A year ago, a 29-year-old Polish woman, already the mother of a child, also gave birth to six babies in Krakow. Polish doctors then pointed out that the birth of sextuplets, an extremely rare event, occurs worldwide once in 4.7 billion deliveries.

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