U.S. Army arrests soldiers for suspected involvement in robbery at Okinawa currency exchange store May 15 19:12

Soldiers were suspected to have been involved in the case in a robbery case in which two foreign-looking men rushed into a currency exchange shop in Chatan-cho, Okinawa Prefecture on the 12th of this month, robbing about 7 million yen in cash and escaping. Interviews with police have revealed that one person has been detained.

On the 12th of this month, two foreign-like men broke into a currency exchange shop in Chatan-cho, Okinawa, threatening an employee with something like a knife, and took away about 7 million yen in cash and ran away. The employee was not injured.

The police investigated the whereabouts of the men in a robbery case, and because there is an American military base nearby, they provided information to the military on the images of security cameras around the scene and cooperated with the investigation. I was looking for.

As a result, interviews with police revealed that the U.S. military police had arrested one soldier's man for suspicion that he was involved in the incident.

On the afternoon of the 15th, the military police took soldiers to the Okinawa Police Department, which was investigating the case, and asked the police to interview them.

The US-Japan Status Agreement stipulates that, in cases where a soldier or member of the military is a suspect, the US side will hold the US side until the case is prosecuted if the US side is prosecuted.

Police are requesting that the United States continue to interview soldiers and seek assistance in investigating others involved.