Heavy goods vehicles on the A28, in the Orne, deserted due to confinement (photo of illustration) - SICCOLI PATRICK / SIPA

As a result of the confinement, the number of road fatalities dropped drastically by 55.8% in April, according to figures from Road Safety published on Friday.

In April 2020, 103 people died on the roads, 133 less than in April 2019. The month of March 2020, during which containment had been implemented, had already been marked by a spectacular drop, with 39, 6% fewer people died.

Few accidents but a lot of speeding

"If road travel was considerably reduced during containment, law enforcement and speed cameras have found a large number of large speeding tickets, with an increase of more than 16% compared to the same period in 2019 "Notes, however, Road Safety in its press release.

The drop in the number of trips is also reflected in a change in the typology of fatal accidents, with “fewer frontal impacts (with fewer vehicles on the roads, the probability of crossing them in front is reduced) but more loss of control of single vehicles (which end on lateral obstacles, trees, low walls or on the roof after several barrels) ".

Less decline in youth mortality

The number of bodily accidents, precisely, is also in free fall, by 74% compared to April 2019 (3,135 less), like that of injured people (-76.5%, or 4,050 less). Furthermore, if the number of deaths among vulnerable users (pedestrians, cyclists and motorized two-wheelers) has decreased by two thirds (76 less), it has fallen by "less than half" among motorists (-46 ).

Finally, "the mortality of seniors aged 65 or more fell sharply in April 2020 while that of young adults (18/34 years) showed the smallest decline," notes Road Safety.


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