The new version of the "plastic restriction order" has been implemented for nearly two weeks. Reporters visited some vegetable markets, convenience stores, and supermarkets to use plastic bags.
Many vegetable markets still provide disposable plastic bags for free.

  Beginning on May 1st, the new version of "Beijing Municipal Waste Management Regulations" was formally put into effect, making it clear that supermarkets, shopping malls, bazaars and other commodity retail places shall not provide plastic bags for free. The "Plastics Restriction Order" has been implemented for nearly two weeks. How is it implemented? Recently, the reporter visited many vegetable markets and convenience stores and found that most convenience stores adopt the method of charging plastic bags, but some businesses also provide disposable plastic bags for free after customers request. Many vegetable markets still provide disposable plastic bags for free.

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Convenience store, supermarket

After the customer asks, some convenience stores provide free plastic bags

  A reporter recently visited a number of convenience stores in the two districts of Daxing and Fengtai and found that most convenience stores provide disposable plastic bags for a fee and do not provide them on their own initiative.

  The Puzhende convenience store in Beijing West Railway Station charges 1 yuan for each plastic bag. The cashier stated that the convenience store will charge for the plastic bag from the time he goes to work. "It's about a year or so."

  A 711 convenience store on Fangzhuang Road in Fengtai District sells plastic bags for 0.2 yuan. The clerk said that the plastic bag charges have been implemented for a long time, and the recent policy has little effect on convenience stores. Among the customers who come to shop, few bring their own shopping bags. If there are many products, most people choose to spend money on plastic bags.

  The Longkezhuang store visited by the reporter and the Vanke store of the old palace of Yonghui Supermarket have also implemented measures for charging plastic bags. However, some convenience stores still provide disposable plastic bags for free after customers request them.

  On May 12, the reporter bought some goods as a customer at a convenience store under the Beijing West Railway Station, and then asked the cashier staff if plastic bags could be provided. The staff provided a disposable plastic bag for free, and said that the convenience store has not yet charged for the plastic bag.

  A convenience bee near Fangzhuang Road sold shopping bags of 0.2 yuan and 0.3 yuan. When the reporter asked if there were free plastic bags as a customer, the clerk presented a small portable plastic bag for holding coffee cups.

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Vegetable market

"Plastic restriction order" has not been implemented in some markets

  The reporter visited some vegetable markets and urinary food shops with more mobile vendors on May 13 and found that the "plastic restriction" has not yet been implemented in some markets.

  In the Zhongbai World Trade Center Mall in Chaoyang District, the reporter saw that the vegetable stalls, fruit stalls and small department store stalls still hung with transparent, disposable plastic bags without any logos. Some citizens carrying plastic bags said that the plastic bags No fees are charged.

  When a reporter asked whether a plastic bag would be charged at a food stall, the stall owner said "one 3 cents", but there was no plastic bag price reminder at the stall. The fruit stall owner at the side said, "In the future, we will charge for using the plastic bags customized by the market," but it is very difficult to charge. "Customers come to buy fruits, we have to often wipe a fraction."

  In a convenient vegetable shop on Guanzhuang Road, after the reporter bought vegetables, the stall owner dragged a transparent plastic bag with no logo at no cost. There are two kinds of plastic bags in the store, one is the standard plastic bag with the company name printed on it, and the other is the plastic bag without any logo.

  In Daxing District Hongdeli Yuancai Market, most merchants still use disposable plastic bags for weighing and do not charge for plastic bags. The reporter bought millet, strawberry, celery and other items in the vegetable market, and the stall owners offered free plastic bags for free. Most of the customers who come to the grocery market do not bring their own shopping bags.

  "Everyone has been used to it for so many years. If I start to charge suddenly, I am afraid that it will affect the business." Said a fruit stall owner at Hongdeli Yuan Vegetable Market.

  In the Fangzhuang Market of Fengtai District, speakers were placed at the entrance of the market, and the loop was played. "From May 1, the market prohibits the free provision of plastic bags. I hope all merchants and customers will support and cooperate."

  The reporter noticed that a plastic sign was placed on each merchant's booth, prompting customers not to use ultra-thin plastic bags in the market, not to provide free plastic shopping bags, and listed the price of plastic bags: small bags 0.1 yuan, medium bags 0.2 Yuan, big bag 0.3 Yuan.

  According to Mr. Liu, a vegetable merchant, there was no charge for plastic bags in the Fangzhuang market. "The policy has little effect on the business, mainly because it is a waste of money. Customers say they want bags, and they have to explain the charges." Mr. Liu said that after charging, the daily use of plastic bags was reduced by half.

  However, different places in the market implement different policies. After the reporter bought goods at a pork stall, the waiter offered a portable plastic bag without charge. The cash register area strictly enforces plastic bag charging regulations.

  In addition, each stall in the market also provides a free hand-rolled transparent roll bag. The reporter noticed that some customers switched to using this free roll bag more. An old grandmother tore off four bags in a row to hold the freshly picked vegetables. She opposed the charging of plastic bags, saying that it was convenient to buy vegetables and send plastic bags. It is easy to wet the vegetables in the cloth bags. Now that she is unwilling to buy plastic bags after charging, she replaces them with free roll bags. The bag is so small that you ca n’t even buy a piece of celery. ”Many young customers said they could accept plastic bags.

  In Dongcheng District, Fengtai District, a number of vegetable markets and fresh food areas of large supermarkets, reporters have seen such free hand-rolled roll bags.

  Does the provision of free hand-shear transparent roll bags meet the requirements? According to the "Administrative Measures for the Paid Use of Plastic Shopping Bags in Commodity Retail Places", plastic shopping bags refer to plastic bags provided by commodity retail places and used to hold goods purchased by consumers and have a carrying function. The common roll bags in the supermarket fresh food area are plastic pre-packaged bags used to hold fresh food, cooked food, pasta and other commodities for hygiene and food safety purposes. These roll bags are not plastic shopping bags and can be used for free provide.

  Beijing News reporter Huang Zhecheng Chen Lin Ying Yue