Cancellation of the emergency situation “Simply unhappy” Father sent to Tokyo alone on May 16 at 4:58

In the area where the national emergency declaration based on the Special Measures Law for Countering the New Coronavirus has been lifted, it is said that there are uneasy days that I can not meet with my family who are currently singing to Tokyo alone It was.

A parent and child of Kumi Kawaguchi (37) living in Wakayama City, and son of Yuta (9), a son of fourth grader, told us that the national declaration of emergency has been lifted. I want to live by living. "

On the other hand, Yuta's father, Keita (38), was assigned to Tokyo where he was postponed to cancel the declaration of an emergency, so he said that he was unable to come back and reunited with him, and that he is likely to meet again. is.

Mr. and Mrs. Kawaguchi were making video calls every day, and on the 15th, a cookie handmade by Yuuta-kun on "Mother's Day" arrived just under Keita-san and thanked him.

When he said, "I can return to Wakayama in July or later," Yuuta-kun looked like a scissors.

Yuta-kun said, "I'm too scissors to not see until summer. I want to go to the river and cook together when I meet my dad again."

His mother, Kumi, said, "I am not happy even if the declaration is lifted, and I am worried. I want you to finish as soon as possible so that you can come and go between Wakayama and Tokyo."