Unable to accept “free low-priced accommodation” To consider necessary support 6:53, May 15, Tokyo


While the issue of securing housing for people who are in need of living due to the effect of the new coronavirus is an issue, Tokyo is investigating the availability of "free low-priced accommodation" where livelihood recipients, etc. live Will be considered for support.

While the number of people who lose their homes or whereabouts due to the influence of the new coronavirus is rapidly increasing, Tokyo is making efforts to provide business hotel rooms for free, but it is urgent that people who applied for welfare can stay at the hotel. It is until 31st of this month until the declaration of the situation is lifted.

On the other hand, the welfare offices of local governments are introducing “free low-priced accommodation” to welfare recipients, etc., but there are also places that limit the number of residents to prevent “three-crowded”, NHK According to the interview, nearly 90% of the accommodations in Tokyo are unable to accept new residents.

While securing homes in the future is an issue, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will investigate the availability of free low-priced accommodation, and will consider necessary support in the future.

In the survey, the number of private rooms and shared rooms, the number of current residents, etc. will be checked, as well as how many lodging facilities will be restricted from accepting new tenants.

According to the support groups, there are many cases where people who have lost their housing cannot move in because they do not have a guarantor even if they want to move into an apartment when applying for welfare.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government said, "The welfare office at the site said," I am in trouble because there is no space in the accommodation. "What kind of support is needed to understand the current situation of the accommodation and secure housing I would like to consider. "