New corona "cats are susceptible to infections" Be careful how to keep 23:12, May 14

The new coronavirus increased in the cat's respiratory system, and it was announced that a research group such as the University of Tokyo confirmed in an experiment that infection could spread among cats, calling for attention to how to keep it. I am.

In addition to reports that the new coronavirus was detected in domestic cats in the United States, infections in feline animals such as tigers and lions were also reported at a zoo in New York, Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo These research groups conducted experiments to find out how susceptible cats were to infection.

The study group found that when three cats were vaccinated with the novel coronavirus, the cats showed no symptoms, but the virus was detected in the mucus of the nose of all cats, two of which were confirmed by day 6 about it.

In addition, when three other cats that were not infected were placed in a cage with three infected cats and bred, the virus was detected in any of the cats that were put in between 3 and 6 days later. , It means that the infection has spread.

These results suggest that the new coronavirus is common in the respiratory tract of cats and that contact can easily spread the infection among cats.

The research group calls, "Because cats do not show clear symptoms and may be transferred to humans before they know it, please refrain from leaving your cat outside the house, etc. I will.