New Corona Supporting Hospitals with Donations from Local Residents Tokyo May 13 13:45

Amid a severe situation at medical institutions due to the influence of the new coronavirus, a group of women in Suginami Ward, Tokyo solicited donations, and were put in a T-shirt under protective clothing to prevent heat and at a hospital. We carried out support activities to send toys to children and other medical staff.

This initiative was carried out by a group such as Kyoko Amako of Suginami Ward, Tokyo, who has been supporting pediatric care for many years, listening to the necessary supplies from doctors and nurses who met through the activities, and I called on them to donate.

More than 80 people have donated so far, and 60 cardboard boxes such as T-shirts and toys that are no longer needed at home have been collected.

Of these, the T-shirt is used instead of a white coat under protective clothing when treating or inspecting an infected person, and is used as a measure against heat.

As for toys, it means that they are used in children's hospitals and hospitals that temporarily store children of medical personnel in hospitals who are busy working for infected persons.

The provided goods were accompanied by messages from the people who donated, such as "Thank you very much" and "You are our heroes". So far, we have sent them to 7 hospitals in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Osaka. .

Ayako Kyoko said, “I'm really glad to hear from the doctors and nurses that I was happy to do something.”

Voices of gratitude from the hospital

It is said that thanks are being sent one after another from hospitals to whom T-shirts and toys worn under protective clothing have been sent.

Of these, the pediatrics and branch office of the Kawakita General Hospital in Suginami Ward, Tokyo, where I was sent a T-shirt, is treating the infected person, but although I am wearing a white coat under protective clothing, it was very hot and I was in trouble. about it.

For this reason, I was grateful for a disposable T-shirt.

In addition, the spread of infection may have an impact on hospitals where children are taken care of by medical personnel in hospitals who are busy with work and who are mentally unstable due to anxiety about infections. It means that children are very pleased with their toys and clothes in the long run.