China News Service, Shenyang, May 13 (Shen Diancheng) Liaoning Province accurately implemented policies on hotspots and difficult issues that people care about, such as the difficulty of entering the park and the expensive of entering the park, to meet the people ’s good expectations of "have a child," Increase the supply of inclusive pre-school education resources, improve the quality of childcare, and strengthen the supervision of kindergartens.

  Inclusive preschool education resources refer to the society to provide kindergartens with good quality of care and low fees, which are non-profit kindergartens, including public parks and inclusive private parks.

  According to the press conference of the Information Office of the Liaoning Provincial Government on May 13, in recent years, the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have attached great importance to preschool education, adhered to the unshakable development direction of public welfare, and strived to build a public service system for preschool education covering urban and rural areas. Education has developed rapidly. At present, the gross enrollment rate in the first three years of school has reached 90.5%, which is higher than the national average of 85%, and the inclusive rate has reached 78.9%. In spite of this, inclusive preschool education resources are still inadequate, especially the shortage of public resources. It is still a shortcoming in the development of preschool education. The problem of "difficult to enter and expensive to enter" still exists.

  To this end, the Liaoning Provincial Government has included "increasing the supply of inclusive preschool education resources and doing a good job in the management of supporting kindergartens in urban communities" into this year's government work "focused on" key work projects, and has set three work goals: by the end of this year , The proportion of in-school kindergartens in the province reached 80%; the proportion of public kindergartens in the kindergarten reached 42%; the completion of urban community supporting kindergarten management tasks.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education, increasing the supply of inclusive preschool education resources in Liaoning Province is mainly achieved through three measures.

  One is to vigorously develop public parks. There are five ways: first, to build a new batch of public parks in urban and rural areas where public resources are scarce; second, to build new primary schools in principle "one school with one park"; third, to use idle public resources and give priority to rebuilding public parks; Fourth, actively receive kindergartens suspended by the military and state-owned enterprises; fifth, at least one public central kindergarten should be established in every township.

  The second is to support the development of inclusive private parks. Mainly to support the development of inclusive private parks by purchasing services, comprehensive awards, and sending public teachers.

  The third is to fully promote the management of supporting kindergartens in urban communities. Supporting kindergartens in urban communities is an important public resource for preschool education. Strengthening the construction of supporting parks is the key to solving the "difficult to enter and expensive to enter" park. According to the unified deployment of the State Council, since last year, Liaoning Province has carried out special treatments for the planning, construction, transfer and establishment of supporting kindergartens in urban communities. A total of 975 kindergartens need to be eliminated, and 533 have been completed. Complete the governance task. According to preliminary estimates, through the management of supporting kindergartens in the community, the province will add 185,000 inclusive kindergarten degrees.

  Liaoning will also improve the quality of pre-school education. The relevant person in charge of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education said that improving the quality of pre-school education is a fundamental strategy to meet the strong demand for high-quality pre-school education. For this reason, the quality of pre-school education will be comprehensively improved in terms of scientific education, team building, and standardized management.

  One is to prevent and correct the "primary school" tendency of kindergartens. Distribute the "Guidebook for Teachers of Learning and Development for Children 3-6 Years Old" free of charge to all kindergartens to guide the kindergarten science education; carry out special governance to resolutely correct the "primary" education method, education environment and curriculum content of the kindergarten and use it as a kindergarten A one-vote veto for promotion; do a good job of "children" two-way connection, implement the kindergarten's requirements for games as a basic activity, scientifically prepare for admission, strictly regulate primary school enrollment behavior, implement "zero-start" teaching in the first grade of primary school, and lift parents' Not to worry about.

  The second is to strengthen the construction of teachers. Insist on grasping both ends and taking the middle to improve the quality of preschool teachers. Grasping the leader—implementing the “head geese project” of the principal of the five-star kindergarten; carrying out the bottom line—developing the “blue-blue project” of principals and teachers in weak areas. Strengthen the training of teachers' ethics and ethics, and guide teachers to be "four good teachers". Improve the teaching and research system, give full play to the advantages of more than 200 pre-school teaching and research teams in our province, promote the reform of pre-school education courses and educational teaching practices, and improve the quality of education.

  The third is to implement grade management for kindergartens. Adhere to the equal importance of hardware and software, norms and characteristics, and increase the number of star parks year by year.

  In terms of strengthening the supervision of kindergartens, Liaoning has implemented supervision responsibilities for the weak supervision of kindergartens that has plagued everyone in recent years. According to the "Liaoning Preschool Education Regulations" and relevant policies that regulate the behavior of parks, the supervision responsibilities of various departments are clearly defined and implemented The annual inspection of kindergartens strengthens the dynamic supervision of safety protection, ethics and morals, childcare education, fees, etc. and implements accountability for violations.

  Carry out special supervision on the conduct of the park. Standardize the behavior of park management through on-site supervision, feedback of results, rectification and review of the park.

  Implement the responsibility supervision and listing supervision system. According to the standard of one responsible supervisor in every five kindergartens, a kindergarten responsible supervisor is equipped, and supervision is carried out once a month, and the results are linked to the annual inspection and assessment of the kindergarten. (Finish)