Food collected from graduates, etc. Distributed to students Nagoya University Corona May 13 16:43

In order to support financially difficult students under the influence of the new coronavirus, Nagoya University distributed retort foods and cup ramen sent by graduates to students.

Nagoya University has been calling for food donations from graduates since the end of last month, as many students have said that they are financially struggling because part-time jobs have disappeared due to the new coronavirus.

So far, about 25,000 meals such as retort foods and cup ramen have been received and distributed to students at the dormitory parking lot in Showa-ku, Nagoya on the 13th.

While many students took measures to prevent infection, such as dividing the time so that they did not gather at one time, the students who visited had received one after another.

A 1st-year male student said, "It's helpful because the restaurant where I work part-time is closed and I can't work anymore."

Professor Yasuhiro Doi of the Student Support Center, Nagoya University, who called for support to students, said, "We are very grateful that the circle of warm support has expanded.

Until the end of this month, donations of food will be accepted at the Student Support Center of Nagoya University.

The phone number is 052-789-5805.