Opening economic activities, or commercial malls, or delaying their reopening, or even closing them completely, is the responsibility of the government, and the government is represented by bodies and higher committees specialized in crises and disasters, which take decisions in this regard based on many matters, accounts, numbers, and confirmed information, nor Decisions are taken randomly, or by passing comparisons with other countries. What applies here may not apply elsewhere, and each country has its confirmed and comprehensive information, which makes decision-makers fully aware of when making crucial decisions in difficult circumstances such as the world is currently going through.

In the UAE, citizens and residents believe in the capabilities of the leadership and the government to deal with the crisis of the spread of the emerging Corona virus, readily, and effectively, and we all have full confidence in all government decisions that are issued, because it has the immediate follow-up, and constant daily attention from the state leaders, they are keen to avoid these The crisis is with the least possible damage and losses, and they are keen to support all the affected sectors, and most importantly, their keen desire to ensure the continuity of providing the necessities of a decent life for every citizen and resident on the land of this state. Sunny is nothing.

Therefore, our responsibility today as individuals of this community is not to discuss decisions, and not to make comparisons with the actions of other countries, but rather we should leave that to the competent authorities, as they discussed everything, reviewed everything, and have information, statistics and figures that we do not know, and when you make their decision Regarding a new procedure to combat the virus, it is undoubtedly based on many details and many discussions, and it is undoubtedly comprehensive for all surrounding aspects, and most importantly, the government possesses in detail all the medical information, and it is aware and familiar with the available equipment, capabilities and equipment, and therefore its decisions always bear the nature The balance between a Disease and ways to combat it, and the potential of the medical sector, and here lies the strength of decision-making.

The responsibility of the community members is not easy, and it exceeds its importance over the responsibility of the government, because individuals following the instructions and adhering to them are the engine of success for all government efforts, and they are the key to the solution to curbing the spread of Corona virus and controlling it. Precaution Not all the competent authorities will be able to control the situation, so we have no other choice. We only need to strictly adhere to all precautions, instructions and precautions approved by the competent authorities.

We are now at a crossroads, and before us a deep sea, forced to cross it, and each of us must prepare and prepare for this transit, and this will not happen if there are no capabilities and auxiliary devices, attention and caution, and this is what we need today exactly to overcome the crisis of the emerging Corona virus, We need careful attention and caution, and we need to use protective equipment, which in the case of "corona" is masks and gloves, social and physical spacing, continuous sterilization, not going out except for necessity, avoiding gatherings, in addition to ensuring a healthy life, sports, and refraining from smoking . If we abide by this, there is no fear for us, and the virus will not find a way to reach our bodies and respiratory systems, and if we do not, our inevitable fate is to fall prey to this contagious virus.

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