Fidan Ekiz is happy that she later joined Op1 as a talk show host. She found the public assessment of her colleagues to resemble a meat inspection, she says in an interview with JAN .

"I have been very sympathetic to the Op1 colleagues from the very beginning; my God , as judged by reviewers and reviewers," Ekiz said.

The presenter only came into the picture when the public broadcaster felt the need to also broadcast an episode of Op1 on Sunday evening : "The reason was not nice, because of the corona crisis, there also had to be an broadcast of Op1 on Sunday . But that I had to Jeroen is the best thing that could happen to me. It is terrifying, I die of nerves, but I am sitting next to the very best interviewer on Dutch television. "

'Jeroen Pauw is almost an alien'

Ekiz finds her direct colleague not only smart, honest and funny, but also praises him for what he does behind the scenes: "He interferes with the script, he asks the best questions and knows how to put everyone at ease. He's almost an alien, so good. "

Ekiz does not know how long her co-presentation with Pauw will continue. But she says she is perfectly suited to the position: "This is exactly why I became a journalist: informing people in difficult, unpredictable times."