Newspaper (Reporter Jin Ke) A trash bin mixed with rotten fruit and plastic bags attracted a large ticket. Yesterday, a supermarket near Dacheng Road in Fengtai was investigated by the Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau for violating the Beijing Municipal Waste Management Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") and will face a fine of more than 3,000 yuan but less than 30,000 yuan. Since the implementation of the new "Regulations", the city's urban management law enforcement departments have inspected more than 15,000 hotels, restaurants and catering industries, government agencies and institutions, buildings and properties, shopping malls, supermarkets, and residential communities. Criticize education, warnings and order corrections.

  "Hello! We are from the City Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau. This is our law enforcement certificate. We need to check our garbage classification." At 9 o'clock yesterday, the City Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau enforcement team entered the Cuiwei Building and Damei Road, Dacheng Road, Fengtai District and Wumart. Supermarket Dacheng Road stores conduct law enforcement inspections of supermarkets and catering companies.

  On May 4, during the inspection of the Dacheng Road store in the Cuiwei Building, the urban management law enforcement department found that the mall had a problem with the mixing of household waste, such as the Haidilao hot pot restaurant, the Hema Xiansheng supermarket, and the Fenglao Lao spicy hot pot restaurant. Yesterday, the law enforcement department re-examined the problem of the last inspection. During the inspection of the kitchen and garbage disposal area, the urban management team found that all three stores have been corrected in accordance with the rectification requirements put forward by the urban management law enforcement department in the early stage. They are equipped with four types of garbage bins and put household waste into categories according to the standard.

  When inspecting the Dacheng Road store of Wumei Supermarket, law enforcement officers found that an open trash can was placed next to the fruit cart at the entrance of the store, and strawberries and plastic bags were thrown together. There is also the problem of mixing and placing in the trash can beside the weighing platform. Zhang Zhen, the leader of the 7th branch of the Enforcement Corps of the Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau, pointed out on the spot that the dump bins at the store were not standardized. Rotten fruit is kitchen waste, plastic bags are other garbage, "should be set separately, you only have one bucket is sure to mix and put."

  It is understood that the local urban management law enforcement department has visited the supermarket for many times to publicize the "Regulations" and related requirements for the classification of domestic waste. In response to the problem that the supermarket did not set up household waste classification collection containers as required, the City Urban Management Law Enforcement Corps issued a notice of correction and a notice of conversation on the spot. The supermarket will be investigated, and face a fine of more than 3,000 yuan but less than 30,000 yuan.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau, during the garbage classification inspection, it was found that the main problems at present are that no designated person is responsible for guiding and supervising the garbage classification work. The garbage classification is put into the correspondingly marked collection container, and the person responsible for the classification management of domestic garbage is mixed and transported.

  Starting from May 11, the urban management law enforcement department will focus on penalties for units that still have violations of the law, such as notifications, warnings, and orders for rectification. It is understood that comprehensive law enforcement will adopt a combination of educational dissuasion, written warnings and law enforcement punishment, and will be promoted in stages and steps. At this stage, publicity and education will be used to change the main role. Units and individuals who refuse to perform classification obligations, refuse to implement classification measures, refuse to rectify, repeatedly teach and repeat, and obstruct law enforcement will be punished, exposed and credit punished, and jointly punished.

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  Non-standard garbage classification

  Haidian has been punished 4 times

  News from this reporter (reporter Jin Ke) Haidian Urban Management will carry out a three-month domestic garbage classification and centralized enforcement law enforcement operation from May 1st. Up to now, a total of 262 cases have been criticized for education and 155 cases have been ordered for rectification. A total of 6 cases have been filed against units that have not implemented household waste classification as required, and 4 cases have been punished. Yesterday, the Haidian District Urban Management Bureau notified the garbage classification and enforcement situation and released specific cases.

  ■ Case One

  On the afternoon of May 3, a team directly under the Haidian District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau discovered during the inspection that a truck loaded with construction waste driven by driver Ling Mou did not obtain a permit for transportation. After investigation, the vehicle was loaded with construction waste from the residents of Renjishanzhuang Community and transported to the disposal site near No. 3 Bridge in Shijingshan District. Law enforcement officers immediately ordered Ling Mou to stop the transportation of unauthorized documents and fined him 1,000 yuan somewhere.

  Beijing Huimin Renji Property Management Co., Ltd., as the person responsible for the management of domestic waste classification in Renji Mountain Village, failed to apply for a permit for slag consumption, and imposed a fine of 2,000 yuan on the property company.

  According to the law enforcement personnel of the urban management, the property company, as the person responsible for the classification management of domestic garbage, should apply for the permit for the dregs consumption.

  ■ Case 2

  On the evening of May 6, the Malianwa Street Law Enforcement Team discovered that a garbage truck was stained and unsealed during an inspection of the northwest corner of Xiaojiahe Bridge on Yuanmingyuan West Road. After verification, this Tianjin-licensed garbage truck belongs to Beijing Hongrun Shuncheng Cleaning Service Company. The vehicle operator did not work within the specified time, and the other did not sort and transport different types of domestic garbage. According to the "Regulations", law enforcement officers ordered them to make corrections on site and imposed a fine of 10,000 yuan.

  ■ Case III

  On May 7th, the Haidian Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau Beixiaguan Street Law Enforcement Team discovered in the law enforcement inspection that Dahuisi No. 7 Courtyard Beijing Urban Construction Property Co., Ltd. had illegal acts of not putting domestic garbage into the correspondingly marked collection containers. Law enforcement officers ordered immediate corrections on the spot and imposed a fine of 1,000 yuan.

  ■ Case 4

  On May 9, the Shangdi Subdistrict Law Enforcement Team of Haidian Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau discovered during the enforcement inspection that the Panda Fan (restaurant) at the bottom of Kangde Building, Sixth Street, Shangdi had illegally put domestic garbage into the correspondingly marked collection containers behavior. Law enforcement officers ordered immediate corrections on the spot and imposed a fine of 1,000 yuan.

  In addition, there is Daxiang Temple No. 7 Beijing Xiangtai Property Management Co., Ltd., which has illegally set up domestic garbage classification collection containers, and has now filed a case; Beijing Wenyu Junlin Cleaning Service Co., Ltd. has not been shipped according to regulations. 1. The illegal act of handling construction waste is now on file.

  Shuangjing publishes a "reference book" for garbage classification

  News from this reporter (reporter Zhu Songmei) What should residents, units, and shopping malls do after the city has implemented garbage classification? Shuangjing Street, Chaoyang District, recently released the operation guide for each link, which is like a detailed reference book to guide the main body of the jurisdiction to fully implement the new regulations.

  Relevant person in charge of Shuangjing Street introduced that at present, Shuangjing is comprehensively promoting the mandatory classification of social units, standardizing the classification of catering units, and cultivating residents to develop classification habits. The participation rate of domestic waste classification should reach 80%, the correct delivery rate should reach 90%, and the publicity rate should reach 100%.

  In residential areas, Shuangjing has established five links of party building guidance, training guidance, standardized operation, demonstration drive, and guidance inspection. According to the type of community and the participation rate of residents, the garbage cans are divided into basic, standard, convenient and Four smart types. Take the Baiziyuan community with a high participation rate as an example. The smart trash cans installed can automatically weigh and score garbage, and residents can exchange points for daily necessities.

  The catering enterprises in the jurisdiction should sign a collection and transportation contract with a qualified company, set up a garbage classification bulletin board, formulate relevant work plans, manage accounts and clearing records, and install oil control and water control equipment in the operation room.

  "In order to promote the classification of garbage into a new fashion, the cartoon image 'Jingbao' in the Shuangjing area has also recently appeared in a cross-dress show." The relevant person in charge of Shuangjing Street said, "Jingbao" hats, clothing ornaments, medals, Shoes have elements of garbage sorting. Take the shirt pattern, four colors represent four different trash cans.

  Yanqing "three streets and one town" promotes the formal collection and transportation of recyclables

  Recycling vehicles enter the community to collect waste products on weekends

  Newspaper (Reporter Wang Tianqi Correspondent Liu Wenbin) "Auntie, we have a price notice on the spot, you can see what the price of each recyclable item is directly, the spot will give you the balance and the price is transparent, you are also convenient. "Just in the past weekend, in the western community of Chuanbei, Yanqing District, a recyclable collection truck was parked next to the convenience recycling station. Xiao Guozheng, a staff member of Beijing Huajingyuan Renewable Resources Recycling Co., Ltd., introduced the collection and transportation process to the residents. . Driven by community workers, many residents have brought out various recyclables such as cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, and waste clothing that are accumulated every day.

  The reporter learned that there are many merchants in the renewable resource recycling market in Yanqing District, but lack of scientific and standardized management, and most of the recycling merchants only purchase high-value recyclables. For waste glass, waste plastic film, old wood, waste composite Recyclables with low value, such as packaging, are discarded at will, causing waste of renewable resources and environmental pollution, and the effect of reducing waste at the source is not obvious.

  Since May 1, the new version of the "Beijing Municipal Waste Management Regulations" has been officially implemented. The Urban Management Committee of Yanqing District has contacted Beijing Huajingyuan Renewable Resources Recycling Co., Ltd., which specializes in the recycling of renewable resources, and officially launched the recyclables in Yanqing District. Formal collection and transportation work. At present, pilot projects for recycling of recyclables have been carried out in the Perfume Garden, Baiquan, Rulin Street and Yanqing Town, to collect and transport various types of recyclables in residents' homes. By collecting and shipping once a week, on-site settlement, and closed loading, the recyclables in the residents' homes are directly “zeroed” in one stop, reducing the source of waste and increasing the utilization rate of renewable resources. The reporter learned that this measure started on May 6, and as of May 8, the total amount of recyclables recovered was about 4 tons in three days.

  "The staff are uniformly dressed in green T-shirts, using fair scales, clearly priced, you can deliver cash on the spot, or you can accumulate points, and points can be exchanged for living items." Wang Jiao, director of the Yanqing District Urban Management Committee Waste and Waste Management Office, told reporters At present, there are 10 vehicles participating in the recycling of renewable resources in Yanqing District. For the time being, the pilot projects will be carried out in the "Three Streets and One Town" of Perfume Garden, Baiquan, Rulin Street and Yanqing Town. Weekly fixed-point fixed-collectible vehicles will be driven directly into communities or villages to serve residents.

  Wang Jiao said that Yanqing District will open a mobile phone APP to make appointments based on the "Three Streets and One Town" pilot recycling situation, and gradually promote and fully cover 18 towns and villages. Residents can use their mobile phones to make an appointment to "sell waste products". The business-to-service type has been transformed to truly realize the "two-network integration" of renewable resource recovery and domestic waste classification, and the integration and effective integration of the whole process of source reduction, sorting and transportation, treatment and utilization.