Ten candidates went in search of love in the past season, Boer seeking Woman : five of which were shown on television, the rest were followed online in their search. An overview of all couples that have emerged this season.

Bastiaan and Milou

That Bastiaan (36) and Milou have found love, will probably have surprised few viewers. The farmer from Zeeland came with his new girlfriend to the reunion with presenter Yvon Jaspers. Milou lives and works in France, which initially caused some doubts for both parties. During the corona crisis, Milou works from home, which is why she has decided to move in temporarily to Bastiaan, who lives in Arnemuiden. But if she wants to stay there for a longer period of time, she is not quite sure: "Now if someone puts the knife to my throat, either Zeeland forever or back forever, I will just choose you. The house may have to also become my home a bit. "

Jan and Nienke

In the penultimate episode, the love between Jan (36) and Nienke was still uncertain. He was madly in love, but for Nienke from North Holland it went rather quickly. Still, the love turned out strong enough and they came together to the reunion episode. "I am very much in love with Jan," Nienke told Jaspers. "I feel like we're destined. It's right." The couple plans to live together in six months.


Last week it became clear that Geert (52) did not find his great love during the recording of the program. His city trip with leftover candidate Angela ended with the conclusion that they didn't like each other enough. Geert told in conversation with presenter Jaspers that he found a new love outside the program, called Wendy, but that it had gone out the day before the recording of the reunion episode. Geert and Wendy are now together again, Jaspers told the viewers.

Farmer Willem

Farmer Willem (27) captured the hearts of the viewers in the introduction episodes with his enthusiasm and spontaneity. Unfortunately, he did not receive enough letters to be followed in television broadcasts. His date adventures could therefore only be seen online. In the reunion episode it became clear that he still has a love, because he forms a couple with Rineke. She turned out to be the only match for Willem after dating five ladies. Rineke temporarily put an end to the relationship between December and February, but the jitters for the dairy farmer turned out to be too strong. "I still don't understand why she said yes," Willem says when he asked Rineke to go out.

Farmer Ronald

Farmer Ronald (37) from Terwolde has also had a love thanks to Farmer looking for Woman. He received 28 letters, which was not enough to be followed in mainstream broadcasts, but was shown online to be quite impressed by letter writer Eveline. The two now form a couple. "I didn't expect to find her so soon," the dairy farmer told Jaspers.