Request for closure of Okinawa Prefecture Canceled 14 days ahead of schedule Excludes some recreation facilities May 11 12:23

Regarding prefecture's request for suspension of leave, which has been extended until 20th of this month, Okinawa prefecture has fixed a policy of canceling it earlier than this month, except for some recreation facilities, because the infection situation in the prefecture has calmed down. It was

Okinawa Prefecture has clarified that Governor Tamaki will extend the request for leave to business operators on the 5th of this month until the 20th, following the extension of the emergency declaration.

Since this month, the number of new infected persons has not been confirmed in the prefecture this month, so Okinawa Prefecture moved forward with the exception of some amusement facilities such as bars and cabarets when requesting a leave. I decided to cancel the policy on a day.

Upon cancellation, we will require the creation and adherence of guidelines that include infection prevention measures for each industry and facility.

Regarding the complete cancellation, we will make a decision based on the opinion of the prefecture's expert meeting in which infectious disease experts and others participate, and Governor Tamaki will explain such a policy on the 11th. I am.