Beijing Junior High School will gradually promote the temperature measurement bracelet from now on, abnormal body temperature can alarm

  Wearing a "bracelet", real-time monitoring of body temperature, similar high-tech will be gradually promoted in the third grade of Beijing's early high school. Starting today, Beijing has begun to organize high school and junior high school students in the five districts of Fengtai, Dongcheng, Xicheng, Tongzhou, and Daxing, as well as teachers and staff returning to school to wear smart thermometers to carry out intelligent temperature monitoring pilot work.

  Early this morning, students in the third grade of Fengtai No. 2 Middle School have already put on this new "bracelet". At present, Fengtai District, as a pilot area, is the first to promote in the third grade.

  "The bracelet is similar to a normal fitness bracelet, using a button battery, so it does not need to be charged. We recommend that students wear it for 24 hours." Fengtai Second Middle School teacher introduced that the wearer's body temperature will be constantly monitored by sensors on the bracelet. At present, the third year of high school automatically collects temperature measurement data twice a day.

  Temperature measurement data will be shared in the cloud. The relevant departments of parents, schools and urban areas can monitor data through the mobile app. At present, the school has special teachers to monitor the data, and if there is any abnormality, it will be processed quickly according to the plan. According to the introduction of the Municipal Education Commission, students can use the class teacher's mobile phone to bind the information of all the students wearing smart thermometers in the class teacher's mobile phone. In the classroom, the class teacher centrally punches in to collect the temperature information of all students, and directly uploads to the mobile APP through Bluetooth. Information, students only need to wear smart thermometers as required, and do not need to use mobile phones to operate, saving students' time and energy to the greatest extent, helping students concentrate on studying for exam preparation.

  "At present, in addition to wearing a bracelet, the third grade of high school still insists on the daily traditional morning and afternoon check." The teacher of Fengtai No. 2 Middle School introduced that the current wearing situation is very good.

  According to the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, junior high school students and faculty and staff returning to school will distribute smart thermometers one after another to carry out smart temperature monitoring. From April 30 to May 8, pilots of intelligent body temperature monitoring have been conducted in the 18 schools in Fengtai District for the returning senior high school students and teaching staff.